Hotel Amerika TransGenre Issue

So, it’s past midnight. Almost 1 a.m., in fact. And as usual self finds herself still awake and staring up at the ceiling (Please God, don’t let her go the Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger route — you saw where their insomnia got them? Self, don’t be silly! Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to afford all those prescription drugs!)

She decides to browse through a Poets & Writers. Lo and behold, almost in the exact middle of the magazine is an ad for Hotel Amerika’s TransGenre Issue, Spring 2009.

Self has a piece appearing in this issue. It is called “Ghosts.” She gets all excited. The ad is very cool: It’s like a painting. There are three kids in Civil War attire (Wait a minute, self! How do you know it is Civil War attire? Well, because the shadowy central figure seems to be wearing a Civil War uniform. He is flanked by two little girls, in blue frocks.)

All around the children are rabbits. A whole field of white rabbits. One of them is popping out of a top hat, directly in front of the three.

The picture reminds her eerily of a Kelly Link story she read in Best American Short Stories, a few years back. Apparently, a suburban owner shrank to the size of a rabbit and became the general of the rabbit army. Self thought this was an absolutely fantastic story.

But, once again, self digresses.

Oh! What issue of Poets & Writers is this? Self checks: it is the May/ June issue. She goes to the Hotel Amerika website. Nope, there’s nothing there about the new issue. Is self dreaming? Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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