Stephen King’s Story in Esquire’s “Stories of Our Time” (July 2009) Issue

. . .  which self bought for her reading pleasure on the way home from New York at end of June.

She did not pick this magazine out of the magazine rack simply because she was so smart, but because she noticed a fellow traveler holding a copy and, after perusing the T of contents (Tyler Cabot’s “Stories My Father Told Me,” Charles P. Pierce’s “What If Obama’s Out of His Mind?” among others), decided that it looked like pretty good reading.

So, the featured story is by Stephen King.  And it is about a hapless writer (Stories about writers are the best kind of stories!) who has wrung eighty pages “out of his old and limping Dell laptop.” And he thinks he might screw up his courage and show the pages to an agent.  Which he does.  And the agent tells him, why don’t you finish seven or eight more chapters, or something to that effect.  “Then I might be able to take it to auction and get you a much better deal.”

Then, his wife comes home and says the old man she works for (a partially paralyzed stroke victim) has made her a proposition.  Which will solve all the couple’s money problems forever.  Which means that the writer can go ahead and finish his novel and become famous.  The old man has offered the wife $200,000 to —

At this point, self feels like screaming at the idiot writer:  Don’t you let her!  Don’t even think about it!

But, naturally, if the writer was steadfast, he would not be in a Stephen King story.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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