Sunday Morning Before Going Back to Work

What work are you talking about, self?  You only need to present to the Writing Center four hours a week. That’s not work. That’s — a break in routine. (What, self? How can you be so confused? Your real work, remember, is the writing. And you’ve been doing that non-stop for the last year. Don’t be fooled by the start of the school year into thinking that unless one is teaching, one is not working! But, once again, self digresses)

Anyhoo, in the past week, you:

  1. wrote almost 20 pages
  2. saw two movies (that couldn’t be more different)
  3. noticed that there are two fat new buds on the Fragrant Cloud (rose), a new cane sprouting on the Chihuly (another rose) and new shoots on the climbing Don Juan (a rose, again).  The only fly in your ointment is that the bougainvillea “Purple Queen” is yellowing (possibly from being over-watered on the weekends by hubby)
  4. noticed that Gracie is stronger: while walking the li’l crits yesterday, noticed that her tail stayed up almost the whole time.
  5. went to the Palo Alto Art & Wine Festival and successfully avoided buying anything (Not for want of trying, however: you tried on a few of those fabulously earthy-looking hand-loomed cardigans that seem to present at every street festival in California. They looked great on the hangers but when you tried them on in front of a mirror you looked like you were wearing a sack)
  6. got hubby to treat you to Classico Gelato in downtown Palo Alto (Lychee gelato, how self adores you!)

Only 120 pages to go in the Francisco Goldman book. He reminds you of Garcia Marquez. His sentences are surpassingly dense, intricate. You wonder how he was able to keep going like that for almost 500 pages without flagging. You think: he must have super-human strength, will, concentration. Perhaps, you think, he spent all his life training for this writing . . .

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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