Decisions, Decisions

Dog Food:

  1. Pedigree senior dog food, on sale at Safeway for $13.99 for a 15.7-lb. bag?
  2. Or R/D vet-recommended prescription dog food, $44.99 for a 30-lb. bag?


  1. Stay two weeks, as close to Thanksgiving as possible?
  2. Stay two weeks, as close to Christmas as possible? (There is no question of actually staying to Christmas, since hubby and son will be back in Redwood City)

How To Spend $7

  1. Watching dolphin documentary “The Cove” at Menlo Park Guild?
  2. Or mailing out a couple of short stories?

Manuscript Mailings:

  1. Send to hip McSweeney‘s?
  2. Or to San Francisco stalwart ZYZZYVA, that has published self before? (Self already decided last night that she would submit only to West Coast lit mags, just as an experiment 🙂  For how long?  Who knows?)

Burning Question of the day with respect to manuscript mailings:

  1. Should self be governed by information as to who pays? Or who pays more?
  2. Or by how many pieces they end up getting included in the Pushcart Prize anthology?
  3. Or by which has the lowest name-recognition, so that self will encounter less competition?

What to send:

  1. That short short which self wrote in a burst of absolute elation, just last night? That piece so bursting with intensity and joie de vivre?
  2. Or the 28-page story that self has loved and persisted sending out for three years, that has come close at The Kenyon Review (The editor, Nancy Zafris, wrote encouragement on the rejection) and Esquire? Does anyone still read 28-page short stories? Or is that story really meant to be a novella? Or maybe it’s meant to be a novel?

Oh, if only self could make up her mind as quickly as stories have been coming to her (lately).  Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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