The Summer in Movies

Self promises this will be the last post of the day. She is about to test her car by taking it on a five-mile round trip and doesn’t know if/when she will return (Happy Face emoticon, where are you?). So, here’s how self would sum up Summer 2009 in movies (so far: she still hasn’t seen “G. I. Joe” or “Inglorious Basterds” or “The Time-Traveller’s Wife”)

It was a pretty good summer.

The recession was so boring, but the movie theatres were full, full, full.  Movies about toys got terrible reviews but made money.  Heck, even “Wolverine” made money!

We got a great movie about the war in Iraq. (“The Hurt Locker”)

We got a good documentary. (“Food, Inc.”) Self will never be able to look at chicken legs in quite the same way, ever again.

We got Johnny Depp.  (“Public Enemies”)

We got Channing Tatum. (“G. I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra”)  For that matter, we also got Sienna Miller.

We got Emma Watson, all grown up and va-va-voom. (“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”)

We got Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. (“500 Days of Summer”)

We got Adam Sandler/Seth Rogen/Leslie Mann/Judd Apatow. And the gorgeous Apatow daughters. (“Funny People”)  BIG bonus:  Eric Bana (if only he was in more scenes!) and Jason Schwartzman

We got Chris Pine/Zach Quinto (“Star Trek”)

Well, we also got Will Ferrell Read the rest of this entry »

Just Published

Self’s “Appetites” — in Cafe Irreal, vol. 31, UP NOW.


How Gorgeous Is This Prose

A place, a dream, a book, a story:

The wave of young men in the eighties and early nineties who fought the Sena’s street battles, like Sunil, have been rewarded and have become successful bourgeois businessmen and Special Executive Officers; they are strutting around, putting their Read the rest of this entry »

Why This Weekend Was a Very Special Weekend

  • Gracie (younger beagle) did not have constipation (This is no small thing, dear blog reader. Last weekend’s bout did us in for $440) And she began barking at everyone walking by again. And self realized it had been weeks — weeks! — since she’d last heard Gracie barking.
  • Self had her first taste of Fat Weasel Pale Ale (brewed in Ukiah, discovered at Trader Joe’s) and liked it. (In the interests of full disclosure, self decided to check out FW’s ranking on the beeradvocate website: a lowly B- )
  • Self ordered take-out from Crouching Tiger, restaurant in downtown RWC specializing in Sichuan cooking. The Dry-Cooked Prawns and Hunan Preserved Pork set our mouths on fire (but Read the rest of this entry »

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