Self Saw “Funny People” !!!

How, dear blog reader might ask, did self manage this, without a car?

Well, self lives for danger! Anything for a movie! She forced her trembling legs into clunker and actually got it to crawl the mile to the downtown movie theatre! And she made it just in time for the 11 a.m. show!

Did self ever share with dear blog readers how much she enjoys attending these weekday showings at the downtown theatre? Because self is never alone. Now that it is summer, there are people of all ages: seniors, teen-agers, soccer moms, what-have-you.

Today the audience turn-out was decent. Surprisingly, given the proliferation of toilet humor jokes (for which Judd Apatow is known, so it’s not as if the women didn’t know what they were in for), the only two people self saw leaving in the middle of the screening were middle-aged men.

OK, self does not wish to have this be a post analyzing why Judd Apatow is so enamored of penis jokes.  Self would just like to say that she hovered somewhere between absorption and admiration, most of the way through, until she got to the parts with Eric Bana. And, self just has to say, Bana killed. That is, self suddenly burst out in a huge, ridiculous laugh, at a scene where Bana delivers this line:

Cameron Diaaaaz!! Fuuuuuuuccccck!!

In the presence of his wife.

Self has a friend, Sandy, who is a very smart woman.  And Sandy’s favorite saying, which self has frequent occasion to repeat to son, in response to which son always says, in the gentlest manner possible, “Mom, you don’t really believe that . . . ” is:

Men are stupid.

Yes, dear blog readers, this quote of Sandy’s has saved self from utter despair, many a time, she knows not why.

Bana owned every scene of the movie where he appeared.  His Aussie accent was so broad, and in the scene where he starts speaking Mandarin to his two little girls (both played by Apatow’s real-life daughters, and both as gorgeous as their Mum, Leslie Mann), he was up-ROA-rious!  Simply uproarious!

And since self was a Chinese Studies major —  from Stan-furd! —  she can attest that Bana’s Mandarin accent was so on point, so absolutely authentic, that —

But, no need to take self’s word for it, dear blog readers.  Go see it.

One may safely miss the first half of this movie (as it is a long one:  over two-and-a-half hours long) except that one would miss Jason Schwartzman, who —  Good Lord!  He was funnyyyy!  Not Eric Bana’s level of funny, but funny in a sardonic way.

Seth Rogen’s energy seemed to pick up as well, in the scenes with Bana.

Self would give this movie two-and-a-half out of four stars.

How come Seth Rogen has sideburns —  ???  That was probably the most puzzling aspect of the movie, at least for self.  And she realizes she has said nothing about Adam Sandler.  Who, after all, is the movie’s star.  Adam Sandler does depression extremely well.  Sometimes self found him obnoxious, and at other times she found him simply annoying.  But isn’t that the point?  No one who is a star gets away with not being narcissistic.  A fact which lifts this comedy above the run-of-the-mill Hollywood comedy.  At least, there are life lessons to be derived from watching it!  The only reason self didn’t give it a higher rating is because she only laughed aloud once (Bana’s aforementioned scene).

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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