Quote of the Day: NY Times on “Torchwood”

Has self told dear blog readers that car situation is still at an impasse and that self, never one to let go of an opportunity, has decided to see how much reading (and writing) she can get done while stuck at home, car-less?

She actually got a Nirvana moment late last night, and added a new chapter to her novel. Unfortunately, it coincided with the time hubby began doing the bills, and he was exclaiming all over the place: “Holy ___t!!! Why’s our gas bill so high?” So, self’s new chapter was a tad choppy, was missing that essential fluidity that makes her voice sound like a roaring river (or at least, what self likes to think is a voice with the fluidity of a roaring river)

Anyhoo, this morning self is reading a New York Times. It’s an old one, of several weeks ago. There’s an interesting article in the Arts section on a new BBC sci-fi series (Pace, “Battlestar Galactica”) called “Torchwood” :

    ” . . . the mini-series Torchwood: Children of Earth, reflects an alarming trend on the part of the BBC to spend more money on its goofy sci-fi. The monster in this case is a reptilian, vomit-and-blood-spewing thing in a glass tank that’s more reminiscent of Alien than of the dime-store concoctions on Doctor Who, the show from which Torchwood was anagramatically spun off. As the title implies, he has evil designs on the human race’s younger members, and he demonstrates his power early on by having them all stop in their tracks and chant in unison Read the rest of this entry »

Self Saw “Funny People” !!!

How, dear blog reader might ask, did self manage this, without a car?

Well, self lives for danger! Anything for a movie! She forced her trembling legs into clunker and actually got it to crawl the mile to the downtown movie theatre! And she made it just in time for the 11 a.m. show!

Did self ever share with dear blog readers how much she enjoys attending these weekday showings at the downtown theatre? Because self is never alone. Now that it is summer, there are people of all ages: seniors, teen-agers, soccer moms, what-have-you.

Today the audience turn-out was decent. Surprisingly, given the proliferation of toilet humor jokes (for which Judd Apatow is known, so it’s not as if the women didn’t know what they were in for), the only two people self saw leaving in the middle of the screening were middle-aged men.

OK, self does not wish to have this be a post analyzing why Judd Apatow is so enamored of penis jokes.  Self would just like to say that she hovered somewhere between absorption and admiration, most of the way through, until she got to the parts with Eric Bana. And, self just has to say, Bana killed. That is, self suddenly burst out in a huge, ridiculous laugh, at a scene where Bana delivers this line:

Cameron Diaaaaz!! Fuuuuuuuccccck!!

Read the rest of this entry »

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