Discoveries: Marion Ettlinger

Just look at her photographs of writers, dear blog readers. (She is so good that self forgot she was supposed to be “self” and began writing in first person. Oh, well!)

I spent an hour or so this afternoon browsing her gallery.

There are, of course, babes. Exhibit A: Dani Shapiro

Monique Truong looks like a 1940s siren.

Ann Patchett is a dead-ringer for a student I once taught at NDNU (Her name was Diane: where is she now?)

When people say “She is a handsome woman,” I only have to look at the photograph of Francine Prose to know what they mean.

I love Jonathan Franzen’s photo — it’s so crazy, makes him look like a German eccentric. (But I know he’s no eccentric; I’ve read his books. This is the author who made a very very small dig about a fellow teaching colleague who was promoted in spite of having very skimpy qualifications, and he bothered to point out that she was Filipina)

Hmmm . . . why no Jeffrey Eugenides??? (Subsequent research reveals that there is a Jeffrey Eugenides photo — somewhere)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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