Shock(s) of the Day

All right-ey, so self has already informed dear blog readers of the events of last night, when Gracie again presented with dread symptoms: inability to walk, listlessness, lack of appetite, and so forth and so on.

Today, self decided to stay home and observe her, and made an appointment with the vet for Saturday noon.

At about mid-day, self forgot that she was supposed to be keeping an eagle eye on Gracie: that is, she disappeared into her office and began writing a story. Happy happy joy joy! When she emerged, it took her a minute or two to realize that Gracie’s pillow was bare. If dear blog readers recall, the li’l crit was quite unable to walk, and had to be carried to and from the backyard by self, in order to do her business.

Self ran to the backyard. Looked hither and thither. Spotted li’l crit right in the middle of the garden, walking nimbly along the edge of a flower bed, nose to the ground. Then, as self watched, the li’l crit very delicately deposited a huge piece of business. It looked like Mount Rushmore or something (Self surmises: Could that huge thing have been the cause of last night’s tummy ache? Indubitably!). Then, the li’l crit ever-so-gingerly climbed the back steps to the kitchen, and disappeared through the doggy door, without once catching sight of self, standing to the side with her mouth agape.

So, now that self knows that Gracie has no problem evacuating (or going up and down stairs), she feels sooo much better. And, now that she is feeling more relaxed, self feels this would be a good time to share with dear blog readers the fact that, last weekend, she was able to wheedle hubby out of seeing “G Force” and into watching “The Hurt Locker” instead. “Why would you want to see that kind of movie again?” hubby asked, exasperated. And self said, “Just because.” So hubby consented. And, what luck, we didn’t have to shlep over to Palo Alto Square, off Page Mill Road, for the movie was showing right in our downtown Century 20 (!!). And, at the first showing of the day (11:30 a.m.), the theatre was almost full. In fact, hubby and self could only find seats near the front. Which put a tremendous crick in self’s neck, but anyhoo.

Self is here to attest that, upon second viewing, this film is just as good as she deemed it to be the first time. And self still thinks/ hopes that Jeremy Renner, who plays the lead, should be nominated for an Oscar. And same goes for Brian Geraghty. Anthony Mackie, the third member of the bomb team, was good, too, but Brian was the “straight man,” the one who channeled extreme fear and nervousness so that the audience could channel same. Self will never forget his line, “Cover me. Please,” uttered as he approaches the crazy/rambunctious bomb dismantler/cowboy, Sgt. William James.

Come to think of it, both Brian G and Jeremy Renner have what you might call “baby faces.” About the only people in this movie who do not have baby faces are Guy Pierce and Ralph Fiennes. And we all know what happens to them, dear blog readers.

There was a time when self used to hate the director, Kathryn Bigelow. Hated her because of that strange film, “Strange Days.” Which seemed (at least to self) so unnecessarily violent towards women. And self felt/feels that we certainly don’t need women directors filming rape scenes galore, we have enough male directors doing that already.

But now, all is forgiven.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Shock(s) of the Day

  1. I randomly found this site searching on Google, so better late, than never.

    I loved The Hurt Locker. I too saw The Hurt Locker at Palo Alto Square, but I drove all the way from Modesto. I know it was a long way, but I’d do just about any thing to see Jeremy Renner in a film (insert embarrassed icon here). I also saw it again on July 31. but the upside was I got to see it in Modesto with Jeremy Renner and Brian Geraghty in attendance. The two actors met moviegoers to sign autographs and they did a Q&A at the end of the film. It was a special night, indeed.


  2. OMG, you drove from Modesto to Palo Alto Square to see “The Hurt Locker”! You take first place for determination (but it was worth it)!

    You actually met Jeremy Renner and Brian Geraghty in person??? Anthony Mackie was pretty good, too. Swoon! I’m jealous.


  3. I surely did make that drive! And I’ll take that prize, thank you very much! LOL. I grew up in Palo Alto and my sister works there, so it was not a problem. I just made a day trip out of it. It definitely worth it!

    Yes, I met Jeremy Renner and Brian Geraghty. They were absolutely lovely. It was my second time meeting Jeremy, but my sister’s first time and before hand she was being nonchalant. I made her drive home in Friday night traffic just to get to the theater on time to meet them. She was tired when she got home, kinda of hemming and hawing about going. I’m like, “get your as* ready we’re only 10 minutes away from the theater!” We get there she is still being flippant, but as soon as we stepped in the door of the theater she sees Jeremy sitting at the table signing autographs, she grabs my arm, and starts squealing under her breath, then goes, “OMG! Oooomg! There he is!” OMG, he’s such a cutie! I saw his family within earshot and just about died. She wasn’t screaming at the top of her lungs, but it was out loud. We didn’t get any funny looks, so I don’t think he or any of his family heard her, thank goodness. (For the record my sister said the same thing about Brian once the shock of seeing Jeremy wore off. By the time she met them both she was calm cool and collected.)

    Like I said before, Jeremy and Brian were lovely and it was a shame Anthony Mackie couldn’t be at the screening, but it was nice to have a bit of Hollywood in Modesto that night. I hope the film gets a lot of attention at Oscar time because it really deserves it.


    1. You’re welcome. The Modbee LOVES Jeremy!

      Sorry I took so much room up responding in my earlier post. When it comes to Jeremy Renner I can go on and on. LOL.

      BTW, did you know The Hurt Locker is playing in the Bay Area again?


  4. Why apologize? I luuuv enthusiasm!

    Oh, I did not know that “The Hurt Locker” was playing again in my area. Thanks for the tip, I hope people who missed it the first time around will finally get to watch it!


    1. Habit, I guess.

      It actually starts playing again this Friday. I was shocked to see it when I was on Moviefone today. It’ll be playing in Sacramento, but if I decide to go again I’d rather see it in the Bay Area. I too hope more people will see it this time. They don’t know what they’re missing!


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