Later Today

Self will see either:

  • “Bruno” — Because if one considers oneself a serious movie-goer, one cannot ignore Sacha Baron Cohen (11:30, Redwood City Century 20). Besides, self reasons, it will only take $6 and two hours of her time.
  • “Food, Inc.” — documentary on why we have such terrible eating habits. Self not exactly enthusiastic about this one (She doesn’t need anyone to tell her she has terrible eating habits, after all: all she needs to do is remember her cholesterol level) but remembers that Classico Gelato is right across the street and it’s been weeks since self has had gelato, a situation that requires immediate correction (2 p.m., Aquarius, Downtown Palo Alto)
  • “The Ugly Truth” (Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.) — Movie opened well, Katherine Heigl has the last laugh. Besides, Gerald Butler is cute. (11: 45, Redwood City Century 20)

3 thoughts on “Later Today

  1. Oh lord, WordPress took a crap and didn’t post my previous comment, so it looks like you’re talking to yourself.
    How can we hope to build a beaming mechanism a la Star Trek if we can’t even get the internets in order?
    Mental telepathy it will have to be 🙂


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