Self’s Special Day

The universe has decreed that today (sweltering already, and it’s not even 10 a.m.) should be self’s special day. In order to pay the proper obeisance to that fact, self began it by reading (almost always the first thing she does upon getting up in the morning): Jose Saramago’s The Double, a scene in which his indecisive and passive protagonist, a high school history teacher (who we know, from certain past experiences with these types, are mostly passive aggressive beings), dithers about how to break up with his girlfriend, the insecure Maria da Paz:

This is what he came up with after several torn-up sheets of paper, Hi, Maria da Paz, I got your messages, and I’d just like to say that I think we should act with great caution and only make decisions that are right for both of us, bearing in mind that the only thing that lasts a whole lifetime is life itself, everything else is inevitably precarious, unstable, transient, time has taught me that one great truth, but I do know that we’re friends and that we’ll go on being friends, what we need is to have a good, long conversation and sort things out between us, I’ll be in touch again soon.

In addition, self has decided to move very, very quietly through the house so that li’l crits and son remain sleeping. And so successful has self been at maintaining this almost supernatural quietness that she has actually managed to chop a Read the rest of this entry »

Another Monday Comes to an End

It’s the end of another Monday, and self hopes dear blog reader will forgive the fact that self has set out to write the longest run-on sentence in the world (Self is currently reading Jose Saramago’s The Double, which has sentences that go on for pages and pages: the last one self read went on for three pages, naturally without a period, and self forgot what the beginning of the sentence was, and why she didn’t leave off she has no idea, but she just had to keep on going, pell-mell, feeling very much like a swimmer who’s having to hold her breath and hold her breath, and finally the sentence did come to an end, but self couldn’t figure out what she had read before, so the experiment was useless).

Son is driving back to San Luis Obispo in less than a week, and self asked him if there were any places he might like to see before going back, and she forgets what he actually responded, but self did end up taking him to Yumi Yogurt this afternoon (it was so haawwttt!!!), and self had “Texas Peanut Butter” and “Hershey’s Chocolate,” and son had “Cookies’n Cream.” Then he went off to meet Kramer for a bike ride, but he did surprise self by asking if she wanted to meet them for dinner at Colonel Lee’s in Mountain View, and self said no, she’s so tired she’d like to eat in, but maybe son asked because he is short of funds and needs self to spring for dinner? Self only thought of this after he’d walked out the door (because, ordinarily, he’d never ask his mom to have dinner with him, not when he’s out with his friends!), and then she tried to call him back but he didn’t pick up. But self thinks that she really would like to have dinner at home tonight, she is so “low-bat” (one of Dearest Mum’s favorite expressions)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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