Tuesday After the 2009 Fourth of July Weekend

It’s a gorgeous day. Son has gone to mail an application to work in the California Mid-State Fair, in late July.   Gracie is having one more day of IV fluids at San Carlos Pet Hospital, but the vet says she can finally go home this afternoon. YAY!!! Meanwhile, our older beagle, Bella, sleeps and snores as usual. But now we keep the back door to the garden shut, all the time.

For a while self watched the Michael Jackson accolades, and then she decided to go to the garden. It makes her feel a little mournful, to remember that she is responsible for Gracie’s near-fatal poisoning. What incredible luck, that Gracie pulled through. Otherwise self would feel very differently about the garden, today.

Last night, such was our little family’s jubilation at Gracie’s miraculous spunk and grit, that we broke out the popcorn and watched “Twilight.” That was quite an interesting movie! There is poetry in the cinematography, though the dialogue is mostly risible (“Hello, I am Edward,” spoken over a lab table. Many piercing, meaningful glances thrown Kristen Stewart’s way. Before self saw this movie, she was under the impression Robert Pattinson could act. Now, she’s not so sure).

Self thought the moody cinematography and Kristen Stewart’s performance were perhaps the best things about the movie. Hubby reminded self that the movie had won “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards (What a surprise: self hadn’t even known hubby was listening to the program). Self loved the opening scene, where a camera tracks a deer’s pell-mell progress through a forest. Also, the floor-level camera work during the movie’s climax, the way the action is inter-cut with shots from Kristen/Bella’s point of view, as she lies injured on the floor. Self thinks one of the highlights of the movie is the scene where the Vampire family plays baseball, all moody pouts (like no other family fun & games in the world, dear blog readers, but oh so ineffably cool), and the one where Robert Pattinson’s character tells Kristen Stewart’s character that he was trained not to take human life, but that doesn’t dampen his desire for real, human blood because not having it be a part of his vampire diet is “like eating tofu everyday.” (!!@@##)

Self, though, feels that any guy with hair as ridiculously blow-dried as Robert/Edward’s (It is, if one can believe this, even more ridiculous-looking than Zac Efron’s “do”) would be made the instant butt of all manner of high school jokes. Seriously!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

On Self’s Birthday This Year, and Thoughts on Andy Roddick

The ICW Panayam Series continues with a free lecture by Charlson Ong at UP Diliman, Quezon City.

* * *

The deadline for Patubas 2: An Anthology of West Visayan Literature is July 15. The first Patubas was published 10 years ago by the Philippines’ National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Patubas 2 will be edited by Dr. Leoncio Deriada. All writers from the Western Visayas, whether residing in or outside Region VI, are encouraged to apply. Send submissions to patubas2@gmail.com

* * *

Other happenings: Last weekend, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer went mano a mano at Wimbledon. Who among dear blog readers saw that game? Self fully expected Federer to win. She caught only the fifth set. The score was a ridiculous and sick 10-10. Even though self knew Federer was going to win, she couldn’t help wishing Roddick on, urging him (silently): Come on, come on! Because, in truth, self wanted to write the Roddick story: a story of triumph over mental vacillation, over a soul-destroying career slump.

But, well, the champion won again. Curiously, it wasn’t Federer’s record-setting win that stayed in self’s memory, all through the next two days (yes, even while beagle Gracie was suffering in emergency rooms) but the heroic effort by Roddick.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Gracie Rises! Self and Son Expire

This morning, self had to get up very early, pick up Gracie the beagle from the emergency clinic in San Mateo, and bring her to the San Carlos Pet Hospital. Driving to the clinic, both she and son were sunk in the sloughs of depression. Self’s eyes were so swollen from crying that she had to keep her shades on when she spoke to the vet at the clinic. The nurses carried Gracie out on a little hospital sheet and she was still trembling and twitching and looked very very despondent and did not respond to any of our ministrations. Self thought: Now for sure you will lose this pet.

Gracie remained in the San Carlos Pet Hospital for the remainder of the day, while the vets monitored her and administered IV fluids.

When self showed up at 5:15, as instructed, darn if that li’l crit didn’t emerge from the back room walking with her hips wiggling from side to side, and her tail wagging!

Gracie, you are incredible! You survived poisoning by snail bait and are almost as good as new!

The vet said she would still have to spend one more night at the emergency clinic, so they could continue the IV drip, and self has come so far in less than 24 hours that she found herself in a quite happy mood as she wrote a check for a deposit of $200.

Now, self wants only to collapse and catch up on some zzzzzs. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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