Monday After the 2009 Fourth of July Weekend

Here is self: bug-eyed, sleepless, and broke. Today, we have to keep Gracie in the pet clinic: $545

Self got not so much as a wink of sleep last night. At 10 a.m., she stands in her kitchen, pouring herself a generous glass of Merlot. She needs to fill up with gas; she would like to mail out a story. She starts reading Juked (What is she doing, reading stories, while her pet Gracie may be slowly dying of poisoning, in the San Carlos Pet Hospital?)

Here is Bella, five years older than Gracie, who is a marvel of nimbleness and spryness and seems to be enjoying having us all to herself again (We adopted Bella in 1996, Gracie in 2001). Doesn’t seem to miss Gracie at all, and looks at us innocently, as if to say: “Let that stupid one eat snail bait! Not me!”

Here is self, who tossed and turned from 3 a.m. to 5:45 a.m., who at first light went to the garden with the spade and hunted down every single snail pellet.

But emergency room doctor says Gracie’s symptoms do not present as snail bait poisoning. “Perhaps fertilizer?” he surmised. What? Self had no idea that symptoms of snail bait poisoning were so different from fertilizer poisoning. “Foaming at the mouth,” emergency room doctor says. “I’ve seen literally hundreds of snail bait poisonings. They don’t foam in the mouth like that.” At the clinic, the doctor asked about gophers: “Any gopher traps around?” No, self hadn’t heard of any neighbors complaining about gophers, so no, no gopher traps. “What about rat poison?” doctor asked. “Well,” self said, “There definitely are rats. But we don’t use rat poison, no.”

Yesterday, there was an unspent firecracker lying in self’s yard. She threw it away immediately, but noticed there were a lot of torn bits of paper lying next to it. Could Gracie have ingested a firecracker ???

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

A Bill

$930 was the bill incurred at the Read the rest of this entry »

New Poetry Book From Maiana Minahal

Self first encountered Maiana Minahal’s beautiful poetry years ago, when she included her in the Filipina women’s anthology Going Home to a Landscape. Now, Maiana has a new collection out, Legend Sondayo (published by Civil Defense Poetry).

She had a reading last week in San Francisco, at Etiquette Lounge, which self regretfully missed. But check out her book, dear blog readers! It has been described as “a fantastic remix of a Filipino folk tale, updated with a queer sensibility for today.”

Having read the manuscript, self can attest: There is passion on every page.

To order your copy, send e-mail to:

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