The Day Before the Fourth of July, 2009

Hubby had the day off.  We watched “The Proposal” in the downtown Century 20.  The movie was hubby’s choice, which came as a real surprise to self (Ryan Reynolds over Johnny Depp?  Since when???)

But, anyhoo, self enjoyed the movie.  Sandy Bullock was very funny (and actually goes full-frontal nekkid!  Shock!  It pleases self to report that this is one Hollywood actress who has apparently resisted the lure of having breast implants!)

Ryan Reynolds is cute as all get-out.  And he’s funny, too.  And has a great bod, as anyone who’s seen his Entertainment Weekly cover can attest (It was pretty hard to miss, in all the airports self found herself in, a few days ago.   No wonder he became Mr. Scarlett Johansson)

In addition, Mary Steenburgen, who plays Ryan’s mom, still has a great figure!

So, movie was fun.  Son declined to go with us, too bad.  Self got a large bag of popcorn and a tray of nachos.  There were five previews, including four for movies that are opening in September.  Now, that makes self sad, for that reminds self that Fall is just around the corner.  The previews were for “Julie & Julia” (Self didn’t like the book, but the movie looks like it could be better than the book?!#  With Meryl Streep playing Julia Child, and Amy Adams playing Julie Powell, how can the movie not work?), “Old Dogs” (Travolta and Robin Williams, making like real old dogs, but the movie includes as well Travolta’s real-life wife, Kelly Preston), “Fame” (the re-boot), and a really scary-looking movie directed by Martin Scorsese, “Shutter Island,” that has Leonardo di Caprio in an insane asylum (not, mind you, as an inmate).

After the movie, hubby and self did usual stroll to Peet’s, and then took a look at the menus of a few small places on Broadway:  found out that a taqueria sells lengua tacos!  Next to it was a Persian Kebab take-out place.  Pickles, the women’s clothing store next to Crouching Tiger, has a sale.  It was hawwtt.

Tomorrow is the annual Redwood City Parade (sure to be packed).  Self also heard on the radio that tomorrow night, the concert at Shoreline will all be music from such sci-fi movies as “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and so forth and so on!  Super!

After getting back home, checked mail:  (form) rejection, from “Salamander.”  Self laughed, she couldn’t help it.  She had somehow expected it all along.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Thoughts About Sam Rockwell, “Moon”

This movie was sad; it was funny; it was horrific.   Sam Rockwell was great in it.  (Son did a little googling and tells self that Sam was born in Daly City.  Oh.  My.  God)

Self had heard that he was the only actor in the entire movie and was wondering whether she would be able to stand looking at just his face for an hour and 40 minutes, but that isn’t quite right.  Although he plays the only man on a moon base, he is never entirely alone.  In an echo of “2001:  A Space Odyssey”, there is a computer named Gerty, voiced with deadpan hilarity by Kevin Spacey.  And there are people from his memories.

Self thinks that if she had to live all by herself on a moon base such as the one in the movie, self would drive herself crazy from fear of ghosts.  Self wants to know, if any blog readers have seen the movie, whether they too felt impelled to close their eyes at certain scenes?  Self found some parts of the movie so scary that she had to close her eyes no less than three times.  As soon as she could open her eyes again, she’d whisper urgently to son:  “Who was that?  Was that a ghost?”  Or, “Is this a horror movie?”  (Son endured all of self’s questions with a shrug and his usual stoic patience)

The movie was showing at Palo Alto Square.  There were only four other people in the audience.   Son asked self if the movies there were always this poorly attended.  Self said yes.  The other movie showing was “Cheri”, Michelle Pfeiffer directed by Stephen Frears, and as a matter of fact self overheard most of the people buying tickets for this movie.  But self is glad that she chose “Moon.”

Self also saw a preview of the latest adaptation of a Cormac McCarthy novel (he who unleashed the —  in self’s humble opinion —  awful, pointless “No Country For Old Men”).  This one stars Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron.  In the middle of the preview, self turned to son and said, “There’s one thing I can tell you right now:  Charlize Theron does not die.”  Ha ha ha ha!  There were also previews for two documentaries:  one about a Muhammad Ali match in Zaire, and the other featuring the musicians Jack White, Conrad Black, and Jimmy Page.  Is it just self’s imagination, or are there really a lot of good documentaries coming out right now?  Self really wants to see “Tyson.”  And the Jack White movie sounds pretty interesting.  Self doesn’t know why it is, but in some shots Jack White looks somewhat like Johnny Depp!!@##  Seriously!

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