The Garden, the Safeway, the French Movie

One is not really home unless one has once again done groceries at the local Safeway. Which self did this afternoon.

Before she left for New York, there was a lot of rice, she made sure of that. But this morning there was only about a cup left.

When self peeked in the fridge last night, she saw a huge chuck steak that hubby was marinating. Half a leftover steak was balanced on another plate on top of it. Son told her rather wanly that he and hubby had been eating “a lot of meat.” Self also noticed that hubby had moved the Weber grill out of the garage and into the garden.

Self was so restless to see the garden that, even though she couldn’t fall asleep until 4 a.m., she was up as soon as sunlight struck her face (6 a.m.). Then she began watering and watering, and only stopped when she had built up a good sweat. The clematis, the roses, the fuschias were yellowing, but still alive. (Oh, the poor orange tree! Self told hubby we should wait a couple of months before deciding to cut it down). As self was pretty groggy after hefting buckets of water hither and thither, she decided to finish watching the Netflix movie she’s had for almost a month, “I’ve Loved You So Long.”

Self is a big fan of Kristin Scott-Thomas, and was so happy when she was nominated for an Oscar last year. The movie turned out to be another one of these French pot-boilers, but Kristin Scott-Thomas (and the actress who played her younger sister) make everything look classy. The French system of justice is pretty murky to self, and getting more so after watching movies like this one and “Tell No One” (not to mention after reading Les Miserables!) Self did find herself shedding a saccharine tear at the end, which is probably less due to the merits of the movie than to the fact that she is at the moment exhausted.

Son walked the dogs, as he’s been doing every day since coming home. He left close to noon and was gone quite a long time! Self had no idea her li’l crits had such stamina! They returned home with grins (if dogs can be said to grin) almost as wide as their faces.

At the Safeway, there were many blonde and tanned women in shorts. People seemed to be buying stuff for the Fourth of July: big racks of pork ribs, steaks, salsa and chips, that sort of thing. It is summer! It is really summer! This thought always makes self happy.

Damage Assessment

Orange tree dead, dead, beyond salvation. Imagine if you will, dear blog readers, a tree that has stood outside self’s kitchen window for 20 years, whose top reaches the roof. It is now a skeleton. How could this have happened, in less than two weeks?

On the other hand, Johnny Depp is apparently a very fetching gangster and looks really hot brandishing a tommy gun. Wonder if this makes up for the loss of the orange tree (about which self feels real grief)?

Another source of comfort: this weekend is the Fourth of July, one of self’s faaave holidays of the entire year.

Self will attempt to be philosophical: After all, in life, you’ve got to take the bad with the good. As Sage Master Shih Cheng-Yen would say:

The difficulties and struggles in human affairs are among life’s challenges.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Home! Home! Home!

CBS News is doing a long segment on the Michael Jackson will (one of them, anyway).

Self is so excited to be home!  She can hardly wait to decide what movie she will see tomorrow!

Li’l crits look good (not, of course, as good as Miss H —  no dog can equal the excellence of Miss H!)

California weather is the best!  Simply the best!  Cool-ish!  Self nearly fell over herself with gratitude!  (Though house is warm, like an oven —  we of course have no A/C)

Self should say, though, that she had a very good meal in the airport in Atlanta  —  in the Fast Food Court, some southern chicken chain named Paschal’s. Self had a rotisserie chicken meal that came with black-eyed peas, yams, mashed potatoes, and two pieces of corn bread, all for $8.91! (Self must have been hungry — she ate almost everything on her plate)

And now that self is back home, she does have very fond memories of Pinkberry.  Also, the New York subways, though noisy and crowded and hot are, like, 100% better than any public transportation system in the Bay Area!  On good days, self could get from the Upper West Side to the Village in 15 minutes!

Ahhh, self can’t wait to catch up on her reading!  There are three issues of The New York Times Book Review she still hasn’t read!  (On the plane, self read the following:  the latest issue of People; the latest issue of Esquire, which had a great short story by Stephen King about a substitute teacher; today’s Wall Street Journal; and today’s New York Times.  She also grew so bored that she succumbed to watching “17 Again.”  Self can honestly say that she thinks Zac Efron —  gasp! —  is not a bad actor.  In fact, she actually laughed out loud several times while watching the movie!)

It’s too dark to see the garden —  but tomorrow self knows she will be watering with a vengeance!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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