Shock(s) of the Day

All right-ey, so self has already informed dear blog readers of the events of last night, when Gracie again presented with dread symptoms: inability to walk, listlessness, lack of appetite, and so forth and so on.

Today, self decided to stay home and observe her, and made an appointment with the vet for Saturday noon.

At about mid-day, self forgot that she was supposed to be keeping an eagle eye on Gracie: that is, she disappeared into her office and began writing a story. Happy happy joy joy! When she emerged, it took her a minute or two to realize that Gracie’s pillow was bare. If dear blog readers recall, the li’l crit was quite unable to walk, and had to be carried to and from the backyard by self, in order to do her business.

Self ran to the backyard. Looked hither and thither. Spotted li’l crit right in the middle of the garden, walking nimbly along the edge of a flower bed, nose to the ground. Then, as self watched, the li’l crit very delicately deposited Read the rest of this entry »

NYTBR 26 July 2009: What Self Thought Would Be a Short List

Books self is interested in reading after perusing the 26 July 2009 issue of The New York Times Book Review:

1. After reading Liesl Schillinger’s review of Elisabeth Hyde’s new novel, In the Heart of the Canyon:

    Elisabeth Hyde’s new novel, In the Heart of the Canyon

2. After reading Mike Peed’s short reviews in the “Fiction Chronicle” :

    a first novel by Tess Callahan, April & Oliver
    C. E. Morgan’s All the Living

Summer Thoughts: Café Irreal, Today’s “The View”, Mysterious Insomnia

Amazing: self has discovered that she can actually operate as a credible semblance of a human being, even with no sleep. At all. For that reason alone, today should be a very very very good day. (Just imagine, however, how much better and how much more productive self could be if she’d had at least four hours — !!! Gnashing of teeth)

Self has some very good news to share with dear blog readers: A short piece, “Appetites,” has just been accepted for Café Irreal’s Issue # 31 (Yaaay !!!) The site’s editors are currently visiting Prague, home of the greatest short story writer in the world, Franz Kafka.

And today, in contrast to yesterday, when the backyard was filled with men climbing our trees and conducting noisy conversations, self has the garden all to herself again: it is quiet, Read the rest of this entry »

A Most Successful Day

For the following reasons:

  1. Self succeeded in seeing “Food, Inc.” (Thumbs up! Only, self doesn’t know if she can eat a chicken ever again — not unless it is “certified organic” and costs $4.99/ lb.!  And, um, Michael Pollan is quite attractive, which definitely contributes to the eye candy factor. And he lives in a house with nice, pale yellow walls. Other things self learned while watching this movie: 1) The average American supermarket carries 47,000 items, and 2) Three of her favorite snack foods — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Pringle’s, and Goldfish Crackers — contain “genetically modified” substances.
  2. Self had a chance to drop by Classico Gelato Read the rest of this entry »

Luis Francia Says: Open Your Eyes

Luis Francia writes “The Artist Abroad” column for The Philippine Inquirer. The following quote is taken from his article, “A Country Is Not Just a Site on a Map,” filed 27 July 2009:

Right now, the most powerful state agency Read the rest of this entry »

Abu Dhabi, 1946

We stayed for twenty days at Abu Dhabi, a small town of about two thousand inhabitants. Each morning the Sheikhs visited us, walking slowly across from the castle — Shakhbut, a stately figure in a black cloak, a little ahead of his brothers, followed by a throng of armed retainers. We talked for an hour or more, drinking coffee and eating sweets, and, after they had left us, we visited the market, where we sat cross-legged in the small shops, gossipping and drinking more coffee; or we wandered along the beach and watched the dhows being caulked and treated with shark-oil to prepare them for the pearling season, the children bathing in the surf, and the fishermen landing their catch. Once they brought in a young dugong or sea-cow which they had caught in their nets. It was about four feet long, a pathetically helpless-looking creature, hideously ugly. They said its meat was good eating, and that its skin made sandals.

    — Wilfred Thesiger, Arabian Sands

Missed “Food, Inc.” — !!

Yes, dear blog readers, that was the movie self had decided to see today. Something about the time: First show at 2 p.m., rather than 11:30 a.m. for “Borat” —  er, self means “Bruno.” And self needed the extra time, for she was kept so busy doing the following (very boring) things (Unless you are a die-hard Kanlaon fan, dear blog reader, you may want to skip this list!):

  1. renewing her library books
  2. making an appointment to bring the li’l crits in for grooming
  3. calling a tree guy, since the last one proved to be such a dud
  4. ordering more prescriptions from the pharmacy
  5. writing her review on two books about Burma, due next week
  6. mailing bill payments

Anyhoo, she missed the 2 p.m. show by something like 15 minutes. This was because she decided to make a quick stop first to pick up some dry-cleaning. And there was mucho traffic on El Camino (as usual — duh!). So instead of seeing the movie at Aquarius, and having a delicious serving of lychee gelato afterwards, self went Read the rest of this entry »

Later Today

Self will see either:

  • “Bruno” — Because if one considers oneself a serious movie-goer, one cannot ignore Sacha Baron Cohen (11:30, Redwood City Century 20). Besides, self reasons, it will only take $6 and two hours of her time.
  • “Food, Inc.” — documentary on why we have such terrible eating habits. Self not exactly enthusiastic about this one (She doesn’t need anyone to tell her she has terrible eating habits, after all: all she needs to do is remember her cholesterol level) but remembers that Classico Gelato is right across the street and it’s been weeks since self has had gelato, a situation that requires immediate correction (2 p.m., Aquarius, Downtown Palo Alto)
  • “The Ugly Truth” (Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.) — Movie opened well, Katherine Heigl has the last laugh. Besides, Gerald Butler is cute. (11: 45, Redwood City Century 20)

He Had the Eyes of a Poet

Wilfred Thesiger (author of the book self is currently reading, Arabian Sands) has a magnificent eye for the vivid and telling detail. He undertook his journey of an area known as “the Empty Quarter” — “four hundred waterless miles” — in 1946 or 1947; self is very struck by the fact that not once during his extensive travels does anyone he encounters make so much as a mention of the war just ended. Here is his description of the scene around “the well at Manwakh” (in the area of Read the rest of this entry »

For Your Viewing Pleasure, This Sunday Morning

Hubby is intently watching James Coburn in Read the rest of this entry »

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