Things Self Knows For Sure

Bernie Madoff is going to be sentenced today.

Self is going home tomorrow.

Self needs to clear the jangl-y city from her head, to prepare for California’s expansive calm.  Self is sooo looking forward to the following:

  • watching movies (“The Proposal,” “Rudo y Curso”, “My Sister’s Keeper”)
  • watching her favorite TV shows (“Burn Notice,” “The Mentalist,” “View From the Bay”)
  • gardening
  • reading (The Economist, her literary journals)
  • cooking
  • laundry
  • getting tickets for CalShakes (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)

Hubby got tickets to Chris Botti at Davies, mid-July.

There’s the Annual Foothill Writers Conference, in less than two weeks.

There’s “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” opening in July.

Summer is still here —  YAY!

4 responses to “Things Self Knows For Sure”

  1. Hi, Marianne!

    Seeing the list of your “favorite TV shows, ” I wondered if you also watch “Lost.” It’s in the off season right now, though reruns are showing on SciFi. I think it’s the best TV show I’ve ever seen. It’s going into its last season in January, so if you’re not a “Lost” fan, you could get caught up before then. (Five seasons so far.) Episodes are available via DVD of course but also online, I believe. Take care!



  2. Oh, “Lost” — I think I got lost in the storytelling, somewhere. And now I’m so far behind I don’t even know who is who anymore (I like the Korean couple, though — I hope they’re still around?)


  3. I’ll have to read your post on Harry Potter with one eye closed in case there are spoilers/deviations from the book.The previews look absolutely fantastic.
    I can’t wait!!! Neither can the kids.
    Fourteen more sleeps!


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