Self Missed All Kinds of Hot-ness

While self was in the Village yesterday, getting all kinds of lost on the hunt for the Cornelia Street Café and witnessing all manner of ass-grabbing craziness (“Hey, buddy, it’s Gay Pride Day and you’re in the Village!”  This uttered after a young man, strolling along with his girlfriend, had his butt grabbed by a bunch of somewhat drunken revelers and protested, “I’m straight!”), self completely missed seeing the following celebrities:

  • Johnny Depp, who was creating mayhem in an Italian restaurant in the Village
  • Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford, who were filming “Morning Glory” in lower Manhattan

Self spent every day of this trip in the Village or lower Manhattan.  Couldn’t she have bumped into someone famous during one of her peregrinations?

Self thought she had a Mary Louise Parker sighting, but after she asked M if  the “Weeds” star had an apartment in the Upper West Side, M said she didn’t think so.  So that probably wasn’t Mary Louise Parker in a grey mini-dress self saw yesterday, rushing to the subway on 72nd and Broadway.  It sure looked like her, but it probably wasn’t.

M’s daughter Allegra did say that Mikhail Baryshnikov used to have an apartment nearby.  But no one has seen him around in ages.  He probably looks so different now that everyone thinks they haven’t seen him, even if they really are seeing him, if you take one’s meaning.

Oh well!  At least self had one certifiable celebrity sighting:  Anne Hathaway!  On her first night here!

And she saw Wells Tower, whose New Yorker stories self loves, in the flesh!  During his reading at Solas.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned


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