Slightly Crazed Again

. . .  but in a good way.

Self is getting ready to walk the divine Miss H.  Self is smitten.  Yes, self is smitten with dog love for Miss H.  For her absolutely fragrant paws, for her bright red harness, and her tiny little poops that are about one-tenth the size of a beagle’s poop.  No wonder the apartment is decorated with paintings of this wondrous creature.

In the meantime, self is also obssessed with finding a place to see “The Hurt Locker,” which just opened in Manhattan (Self remembers seeing the lead actor in “28 Weeks Later”!).  The Wall Street Journal reviewed it yesterday.  The title of the review was Shock, Awe, Brilliance


The movie is about a “man who has a special relationship with bombs.  He loves the circuits that must be decoded, the detonators that must be disconnected.  He loves the challenge presented by each bomb, the chance to taunt fate and come up a winner or go up in flames; it’s the ultimate form of a gambler’s high.”

Ah, so many movies to see, so little time.  The Wall Street Journal also happens to look kindly on the following:

  • Cameron Diaz’s latest, “My Sister’s Keeper,” based on the novel by Jodi Picoult and also starring Abigail Breslin in yet another tearjerker of a role
  • “The Stoning of Soraya M”, about “a blameless young wife in an Iranian village . . .  buried to her waist in the town square and stoned to death by her fellow villagers, who’ve been misled by an unprincipled mullah . . . “

Neither of these movies are showing yet, back in Redwood City.  Self really wishes she could locate a cinema nearby, but even after a few walks with Heloise she hasn’t noticed any.  But, she knows that in New York, unless one knows where to look, one misses things, even huge things like movie theaters.  It may turn out, for example, that there’s a theater a block away, but self would have passed it without giving it a second glance.

And, lest one think that Journal reviewer is becoming “soft,” scattering positive reviews right and left like so many bon-bons, here’s a quote from the review of Michael Bay’s “Transformers 2”  :

What words of wisdom can a movie critic offer in the face of an antimovie that will give its many fans the pleasure of watching machines battling machines without the distraction of coherence or humanity?  Then a word did come to me:  Max-Lite.  It’s the brand of ear plugs I’ve found best for defense against deafening movies, and the brand I used to protect my tympanic membranes against “Revenge of the Fallen.”  If only I’d had protection for my brain.

(Whoops!  M’s daughter Allegra just walked in.  What. a. gorgeous. gal.  Legs that go on forever.  We agree on a place to have dinner tonight:  a burger place on the East Side.)

Self misses home.  She is glad that Miss H slept curled up against her side last night.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

3 responses to “Slightly Crazed Again”

  1. Yes, she will go to the Cornelia Cafe @ six. She said she will bring her Pinoy mafia. Young artsy Pinoys. She lives in Brooklyn but is everywhere. 🙂 You’ll have fun meeting her. She isn’t shy at all. 🙂


  2. Lest one think I’ve become indifferent or detached, one — you — can always find out where a film is playing by entering its title on the Internet Movie Database,, then following the trail through the “showtimes” link on the left.


  3. Thank you, I saw “The Hurt Locker” yesterday in a theater in Palo Alto. Thanks to your amazing review in the Journal, I couldn’t wait to see it. You were right about the movie: I was heartened to see that there were many people in the audience (not bad for a weekday showing!), of all genders and ages. And we were all spell-bound.


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