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Having Just Seen “Easy Virtue”

There were two reasons self wanted to see this movie:  1.  Jessica Biel was in it, and self was exceedingly curious to see how she would comport herself in a period drama (JB was good in “The Illusionist,” one of self’s favorite movies of 2006);  2.  In the May issue of Marie Claire, Caryn James called it a “stylish” comedy.

Alas, the comedic parts were not actually that comedic (some scenes were outright ridiculous, dear blog readers.  In one scene JB sits on a chihuahua —  of course, by accident!  —  and it unexpectedly expires, presumably because JB’s butt is so big.  If that sounds funny, self assures dear blog readers that, as presented in the movie, it was decidedly not).  The only real comedienne in the entire movie was Kristin Scott-Thomas (Good God, give this woman an Academy Award already!)

Spoiler alert!

Dis-connected Father-In-Law played by Colin Firth gets to run off with Jessica Biel (Talk about a male fantasy).  As Colin smokes and looks sour for 3/4 of the movie, we are given to understand that he is very very unhappy.  If self were his wife she’d have gotten the screaming meemies and cleared out ages ago.  But, self forgot:  Colin and his wife are members of the British upper class!  Therefore even when unhappy they must keep up appearances!  Must demonstrate famous British stiff upper lip and all that!

JB’s husband is played by a rather fetching young man named Ben Barnes.  Who is this guy? Self can’t recall ever having seem him before.  Even though there are practically no sex scenes between him and JB, in the two scenes where he appeared without a shirt, he looked good.  Mind you, he was thin.  But self hates guys with the popping-pectoral look of the Governator.  Thin is waaay better!

The setting was an English manor.  An old gardener is frequently shown trundling wheelbarrows across the grounds.  The house seemed oppressively rank.  Not, perhaps, as bad as Mr. Rochester’s place, but there was a lot of fog, the rooms had very high ceilings, and there didn’t seem to be enough servants to keep the place running.

This is perhaps self’s first “no-special-effects” movie of the summer.  Self is happy to report that Colin Firth is still handsome.  Self isn’t sure whether JB looks good with blonde hair.  In her final appearance, JB was wearing a white sheath so clinging she could practically have been naked.  Self mentions this last just in case there are any JB fans reading this blog.

Anyhoo, the afternoon was not a total wash, for right across the street from the Aquarius, where “Easy Virtue” was showing, is self’s favorite ice cream place, Clasico Gelato!  And self got to ingest glorious lychee and honey lavender gelato, for the first time this summer!

Moreover, self got to the theatre in time for the previews, and one of these was for an interesting documentary called “Food, Inc.”, which featured interviews with muckraking journalist Eric Schlosser (who wrote Reefer Madness) and author Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma).  Not only that, it received an endorsement from no less a personage than Alice Waters!  Unfortunately, self also had to sit through previews for Woody Allen’s latest May-December romantic comedy, “Whatever Works,” wherein Larry David gets to play Woody and gorgeous Evan Rachel Wood gets to play Soon-yi (instead of Scarlett Johansson, who must have been busy).

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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