Most Fan-TA-bulous Quote of the Day

Just back from heavenly San Luis Obispo, picked up dogs from Peninsula Pet Resort, (where they got treated to the likes of “home-made chicken-flavored frozen yogurt treats”), and discovered that the plants were still alive.

Also, there was a huge box from UPS in full view of the street, and no one had apparently disturbed it.

Also, there was this message in self’s “In” box, from the editors at White Whale Review:

We are very pleased to report, at long last, the second installment of our fair journal, featuring the likes of, well, you. For that reason, and for many others besides, we’re sure you’ll agree when we say things like “quality” and “two thumbs up” and, knowing us, probably something off-color but nautically appropriate.

So, check it out, dear blog readers. Pretty please. The setting is Dumaguete.

5 responses to “Most Fan-TA-bulous Quote of the Day”

  1. Would you mind providing the link again? It didn’t work for me the first time you posted about it, and now the post itself is lost in archives 😦

    Truly Yours,
    Frustrated Reader


  2. Thanks for the link, it was definitely worth the wait.
    I’m glad I didn’t read it the first time because I wouldn’t have been able to take my time and truly enjoy it. What a great story!
    I love how nearly everything happens internally- Carlos’ memories and introspection. And the setting is SO vivid.
    You go, Self!


  3. Oh, so glad you were able to read it!

    Now that you mention it, I think in ALL my stories, the action is purely internal — ha ha ha! And I do remember an editor telling me more or less the same thing — perhaps it’s the equivalent of the Spock acting: he never moves, so the internal action is volcanic! 🙂


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