Naturally, Dear Blog Readers

Self is taking ze laptop with her to San Luis Obispo, for she is sure to have many many adventures, adventures only someone as inimitable as self can devise (!!).

There will be “situations” galore — though, sadly, none having to do with Dearest Mum. Perhaps hubby can fill in.

There will be tomorrow’s graduation ceremony, during which self will probably weep copious tear of joy (also exhaustion — hubby has just informed self that we will be parking a mile away from Spanos Stadium, the site of the festivities)

There will be lunch following at Café Roma (Self has called at least once a week for the past two months, just to make sure the reservation is still there)

There will be night-time drive to Holiday Inn in Atascadero (the closest self could get to San Luis Obispo, without breaking the bank).

Meanwhile, self will also be communicating with her on-line students, and finishing the two books she has to review (both on Burma: though one is vastly more interesting than the other), and if she gets inspired and not too tired, she just may be able to start a short story. (Self, would this not be overly ambitious? How will you be able to write, when you will be spending the whole day gallivanting hither and thither? When will you ever learn to “bend like a willow,” not be so self-absorbed, be open to new experiences, blah blah blah!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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Just a Little Crazed

When self looks back on the week, she thinks it has been a good week.

She was able to write. A little.

And she even finished reading a good book, Vikram Seth’s Two Lives (She wasn’t able to write a single post about it, but trust her, it was a good book)

She called son today, and he seemed anxious that hubby and self had decided to drive down on the day of his commencement. “It’s at 9, and I have to be at the stadium at 8,” he tells self. Oh. That means self and hubby have to be out of here by 4 a.m. on Sunday. What the hey!

Self is grateful that she was able to speak to Dearest Mum every day on the phone and more or less keep abreast of the ever-shifting tide of her daily plans, even though today she is a little crazed because Dearest Mum was having a fit because, she said, niece G hadn’t been returning her calls, and Dearest Mum had no idea where tonight’s Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony at Stanford was taking place. So self had to google the Phi Beta Kappa Stanford chapter website. And she told Dearest Mum that the ceremony was going to be held in Memorial Auditorium, at 7 p.m. And Dearest Mum wanted self to pick her up and drive her to Mem Aud, even though it was already 6:30 p.m. And luckily, self had an excuse handy, for hubby had just called with the news that good friend Fulton G, who teaches at Tufts, is in town, and we are meeting him in the city …

Now, self only has to give feedback to a few students from her on-line class, water the plants (almost expiring from thirst, for self’s had no chance to water at all today or yesterday), and feed the li’l crits.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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