“Land of the Lost”

OK, so hubby and self get around to seeing one movie every weekend for the entire summer.  Because we love watching movies.  Even cheesy ones, like “Land of the Lost.”  And next weekend, self probably won’t be able to see a movie because we are going down to San Luis Obispo for son’s graduation!  And we will be too excited to think!  So, it’s just as well that, even though self was really really really tired this morning (after concert last night, she just couldn’t sleep and ended up wide awake until 4:30 a.m. or thereabouts), she and hubby summoned up the energy to go see a movie.  And this was one of the ones hubby had really wanted to see.

Will Ferrell has really crooked lower teeth.  Self only made this discovery while watching this movie, during a couple of close-ups which come early on, in cinema verité / “Blair Witch Project” style.

Which led self to wonder:  why didn’t he ever get them fixed?

Self is pretty sure he could afford to have them straightened, if he’d wanted to.

But he didn’t.  Which is why you should go and see “Land of the Lost,” dear blog readers!  Because, unlike Seth Rogen, who is going the make-over route (i.e., dieting —  and becoming progressively less funny as a result), Will Ferrell is staying true to his art!  And his non-glam image!

It was pretty sad to see that self and hubby were only one of about eight people in the audience (Didn’t this movie just open?), but every one of those eight was laughing.  Really, what more can one expect from a summer movie?

Self laughed through almost this entire movie!  Really!  She went in there expecting to fall asleep (which she did last week, during “Up,” —  my bad!), but she didn’t!  There probably wasn’t a single five-minute stretch when self was not laughing!

Self loved, in particular, the cheesy aliens who looked like they could have walked in straight from “Plan B From Outer Space”!

And, believe it or not, dear blog readers, the Golden Gate is once again a featured landmark!  That makes four movies this summer that are set in or near San Francisco!  (Or, at least, near/in and/or around the Golden Gate Bridge!)

In closing, self would like to leave dear blog readers with the news that Will Ferrell mentions the Bataan Death March.  (Only he pronounces “Bataan” as though it rhymes with “Damn,” as in: “Damn you, Chaka!  I feel like I’m on the damn BaTAN Death March!”)  Self thinks probably no one else in the audience (aside from hubby and self) knew what he was referring to.  For all they cared, probably, Will could have said:  “I feel like I’m on the damn Chikaroobah Death March!”  But, well, he didn’t.  He said “the Bataan Death March.”  And she appreciates the gesture.  Thank you, Will!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned

Sunday Morning: Reading About A(H1N1)

That’s what Filipinos have been calling it, such is their love for the obscure acronym. (A couple of weeks ago, on the Filipino News Channel, there was a reporter talking about how two contestants from American Idol, in the Philippines for a concert, insulted the medical party that was about to examine them at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport by brushing past them and refusing to submit to a medical exam.  The reporter kept saying AH1N1, and self wondered what that was until she realized it was the swine flu)

Here’s a headline from the front page of The Philippine Inquirer of Saturday, 30 May (courtesy of Dearest Mum, who frankly thought self was nuts to request that she bring copies of newspapers with her)

2 More Wedding Guests in Zambales Get A(H1N1)

The number of confirmed cases of influenza (A(H1N1)  —  more commonly known as swine flu —  in the country has climbed to 14 as the Department of Health reported four more cases yesterday, eight days after the first case was confirmed.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said two of the new cases in the Philippines —  a 42-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man —  were at a May 17 wedding in Zambales attended by a Taiwanese mother and her daughter, who were later found carrying the virus upon their return to Taipei.

Self thinks it is pretty brave of the newspaper to put that information on the front page, for she can’t remember anything about the swine flu being on the front pages of her local newspapers, at least not recently.

Meanwhile, it is Sunday morning here in California, and self is watching a blonde woman give a very chirpy account of her cruise on the Carnival Cruise Lines.  In one segment, she goes behind the scenes and chats with the kitchen staff, who are unsurprisingly mostly Filipino.  And then the head chef tells her he is following a family tradition:  his dad, too, had worked as the head chef of a cruise ship.  And as he talks to the woman, the chef’s hands remain busily at work on a cantaloupe.  When the finished product is displayed, it turns out to be a cantaloupe carved into the shape of a rose, with many petals.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

A Night in the Blue City

Michael Tilson Thomas was at his most kinetic.  Music was Alban Berg and Schubert.  Self swooned to Read the rest of this entry »

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