Luck # 2

Our neighbor around the corner had a garage sale, and these are the goodies self bought from her:

a dozen hyacinth bulbs; a kind of tiny rake that neighbor said she used "for candles"; a wicker basket

a dozen hyacinth bulbs; a kind of tiny rake that neighbor said she used "for candles"; a wicker basket

Off to the side, out of the picture, another set of bulbs:  watsonia.  Self spent a grand total of $7, broken down this way:

  • 50 cents for a dozen (pink) watsonia bulbs, to plant in the fall
  • 50 cents for a dozen (blue) hyacinth bulbs, to plant in the fall
  • $3 for a wicker basket with compartments (for self to use toting around her trowels, shears, and what-not)
  • $3 for a tiny rake that bears a stamp saying “Briddell No. 60”.  It looks very old.

Self does the happy happy joy joy dance.

*   *   *

OK, self did a little nosing around the internet, and she discovered that the tool stamped “Briddell No. 60,” which neighbor told self she used “for candles,” and which self is planning to use as a gardening implement, is actually an ice pick, used to “break large ice blocks into smaller chips for drinks.” You can see more pictures of similar tools here.

As Spock himself might say:  “Fascinating.”

It looks evil.  Self would just love to use it to impale snails.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


Self very cognizant of the fact that she and hubby are some of the luckiest people in California right now.  First of all, hubby does have a job.  Of course, that job entails him coming home at 9 p.m. every night, but still.  Self never thought his little start-up (with only 15 people on-staff, they still had to lay off a few months ago–  the skeleton marketing department).  Now, all that’s left are the engineers, and every one gets down and dirty.  And it’s a very very tough job.  But every six months, when they hunt around for funding, they have so far been able to get it.

Self prays the luck will hold.  Because right now self is not teaching (except on-line).  And if hubby did not have this job, we would probably begin discussing such dire things as moving back to the home country (and dear blog readers know very well what an unacceptable option that is.  For one thing, writing would not be possible.  Self would be too busy going to the beauty salon)

So, she is lucky.  Lucky to be able to watch movies when she wants to, and to watch them again if she wants to.  Lucky to be able to feel like she has a little play money to indulge in such things as halibut and organic peaches from the farmers markets.  Lucky to have solitude during the day, which she fills up with books and gardening (and sometimes writing).

And son is graduating from college, but that one has never been a problem.

Which proves the point:  self is lucky.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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