In Honor of David Carradine

Hubby loved your movies.

He loved them so much that he bought “Kill Bill” 1 and 2.

The last time he watched “Kill Bill:  Vol. 2” was last year, when son was visiting.

Uma Thurman, what you put her through, or what your character put her through, in that second movie, made self squirm.  But there was just enough humor behind your gaze to make her think:  Relax.  It’s just a movie.

Why Bangkok?  Why of all places in the world did you decide to make that the last city you would ever see?

Sure, self loves that city.  The Thais are wonderful people.  Ying was Thai.  They are Buddhist, you know.  None of this Heaven stuff for them.  More like, “Heaven would be being reincarnated as a very happy pig.”  Or cow.  Or whatever.

Self likes to think you did it because maybe you imagined yourself floating out there in the ether, maybe you wanted to be re-born.

Famous Quotes of the Day (None From Dearest Mum)

Self could tell dear blog readers stories about today that would make their toes curl.  But she will not!  She will desist!  She will take the high road!

Let’s see:  what happened today?

Self was supposed to have dinner out with Dearest Mum, but fate intervened.  So she went home without eating, and there was hubby!  Just finishing up a gorgeous steak on the De Longhi smokeless indoor grill!  What a guy!

Hubby requested that self investigate whether Measure E, which residents of Redwood City had to vote on only yesterday (self forgot to vote, so distracted was she by the presence of DM) had passed.  No, it had not passed.

Today, while in the presence of Dearest Mum, self was introduced to the future U.S. Ambassador to xxxxx (famous Asian country; self has to keep this a secret because appointment hasn’t been officially announced —  but, it is not the Philippines).  Turns out he was a Stanford grad, like self!  We talked about professors we had in common.  There was one:  Dan O.

“Oh, I love his wife!  N___!” self gushed.

Stares all around.  “No,” someone says, “that was his previous wife.  Now he’s married to  _____”(Japanese-sounding name).

Future Ambassador to xxxxx country says:  “Boy, you walked right into that one.”

How self loves that expression:  “walked right into that one.”  It’s so, so —  American.  And so picturesque!  Can’t you just see self walking into —  that one, dear blog readers?

On to the second quote of the day.

Hubby and self were relaxing after very good dinner.  Naturally, we’re both facing the TV (“CSI: NY”).  Cut to commercial.  An ad for, of all things, GM.

Voice intones:

“GM’s not going out of business.  We’re getting down to business.”

At which, hubby just can’t stop laughing.  BWAH HA HA HA HA, he goes.  Pause.  Then, BWAH HA HA HA HA some more!

“Idiots!” he yells at the screen.

You said it, hubby!

Now self can sleep soundly.  Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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