Saturday, Downtown RWC: Summer of 2009, How Doth It Fare?

Naturally, hubby and self were there to see a movie —  in our new favorite hang-out, the Century 20!  (Things would be just peachy-keen if Beard Papa were still around.  Now, self has to content herself with buttered popcorn or nachos from the movie concession stand)

“The Brothers Bloom” is an OK movie.  Rachel Weisz as usual acts her heart out.  Mark Ruffalo is supremely charming. (Sometimes hubby gets him confused with Vincent D’Onofrio.  But self never does because Mark Ruffalo is cute!)

Adrien Brody has suuuuch a big nose!  Self means:  it is huge!  She wonders how he negotiates his kissing scenes.  When she remarked on this to hubby, after the movie, he said, “Well, he can’t very well get a nose job now —  since every one knows already what it looks like.”

Yes, but how come self never noticed his nose before?  Like in the “King Kong” movie, for instance?  She never noticed his nose then.  But all of a sudden, here she can’t stop looking at it!

She vaguely remembers reading somewhere that Adrian Brody was once briefly considered for the role of Young Spock in “Star Trek.”  Self tries to imagine him with the pointy ears and the shaved eyebrows.  No, no.  She is sure he wouldn’t have been as compelling as ZQ.

The movie reminded her of something from the sixties.  Trying to be light-hearted, in the vein of such pop movies as “The Yellow Submarine.”  It actually features a heroine who skips.  Self doesn’t think she’s seen the skipping-heroine thing since “Petulia.”  Nowadays, leading women, even when they’re supposed to be playing “young,” do not skip.

The movie took place in such fascinating locales as New Jersey, Montenegro, Prague, and St. Petersburg.  We are asked to believe that the brothers are con men extraordinaire, doing it all for the fun of the con rather than from any real attachment to money.  It was precious.  It was cute.  It reminded self of a Wes Anderson movie.  Let’s just call it:  Wes Anderson-lite.  Adrien Brody should not have been in this movie, as his nose was just too distracting.  There was an amusing Japanese woman whose main function seemed to be to lend the proceedings an air of total wackiness.  She looked greeeeat.  In the movie she was described as an “artist of nitro” —  which we know is true because it did show her practicing by blowing up Barbie figures.

Self thinks that, since she has now seen a good share of currently showing summer movies (with the exception of “Up,” which hubby declares we shall see in 3-D on the morrow, for which happy happy joy joy), she will do a tally sheet of the good, bad, and awful, like so:

  • “Star Trek”:  Hot.  The defining movie of Summer 2009.
  • “Angels & Demons”:  Sooo Not Hot (If only one could transport Ewan McGregor’s sexy priest to another movie)  —   though perhaps self should see a few more summer movies before declaring this the worst movie of 2009.
  • “Terminator:  Salvation”:  Semi-hot, but only because of Sam Worthington and Moon Bloodgood.
  • “Brothers Bloom”:  Dorky.  And dorkiness is not hot.  Unless it refers to Michael Cera.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


  1. May 31, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Brody as Spock never would have done *head shake of certitude*.
    Anyway, at this point it’s damn near sacrilegious to think of anyone else but ZQ in that role, no?

  2. June 1, 2009 at 12:53 am

    You know, when you think of the so many ways that the casting decisions could have gone, it’s almost a miracle that every person who ended up being cast was *exactly* right.

    I just realized J. J. Abrams was the same person who directed the “Cloverfield” movie, which I saw in San Luis Obispo with an extrememly enthusiastic college crowd that screamed in terror and shouted things like ” — the fuuuck??” at the screen. Very enjoyable. I’m a loyal fan now.

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