Self Feeling Optimistic. Is the End Nigh?

When self looks around her, she thinks she sees some very hopeful signs, dear blog readers.  Signs that the end might be nigh.  Self means, the end of the recession.

Of course, hubby’s still down-in-the-dumps about the start-up he works for, but suddenly, the houses in self’s neighborhood that have been up for sale seem actually to be selling.

And, no question, this summer is waaaay better for the movie industry than last (Even less well-reviewed movies like “Angels and Demons” and “Terminator: Salvation,” are making money).

Not only that, self read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said that Open Table, a web service that lets restaurant patrons reserve tables at their favorite restaurants, is so incredibly hot right now.  And you wouldn’t think people would be doing a lot of eating out at fancy restaurants —  not unless they were feeling pretty flush.

And the lines at the Mountain View Costco suddenly got super-long, in the past two weeks (so, obviously, people are still shopping for giant bags of dry cereal, nachos, popcorn, and what-have-you.)

And Wells Fargo declared a profit.

But there are still some sectors of American industry that are languishing, and these are:

  • print newspapers
  • Barnes & Noble (self wonders if is doing as poorly —  probably not)
  • the U.S. Post Office (bleeding money rather precipituously)

Let’s see, what else?  Self is still mourning the cancellation of “Eleventh Hour” and “Without a Trace” (She’s been an Anthony LaPaglia fan since the movie “Lantana”), but it looks like Simon Baker, aka “The Mentalist,” will be around for a couple of seasons.  And even though self’s neighborhood Long’s morphed into CVS, none of her favorite neighborhood restaurants closed (except, that is, for Beard Papa!).

Yes North Korea is still crazy, but they have so far not managed to strike fear and panic into the heart of the average American citizen.

And Iran let the young American reporter go.

And most of the literary journals self likes to read (like Calyx, and juked, and Sou’wester) are still around.

Perhaps we’ll be able to pull through, after all?

And, the weekend is almost here!  One of the movies hubby wants to see, “Up,” is opening, and the incomparable Redwood City Pet Parade is this Saturday, in Courthouse Square.  Self thinks it is so much fun to see a movie and then walk around downtown RWC when there is a fair.  This one has the “Pet and Owner Look-Alike Contest.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Center for Babaylan Studies, Sonoma State

Recently, the Center for Babaylan Studies at Sonoma State put out a Call for Papers for a conference to be held April 17 & 18,  2010 at Sonoma State.  Below, an excerpt from the Mission Statement:

We are passionate about the significance of the babaylan in our communities and world today and would like you to join us in bringing about this very unique and special gathering through your efforts and presence.

We believe in the power of the Indigenous Soul and the Indigenous World View, as embodied by primary/ land-based babaylans in the Philippines and contemporary babaylan/ culture-bearers in the Philippines and the diaspora, to provide a narrative that restores a sense of wholeness, beauty and integrity to our pagka-Pilipino.

Here is the Call to Presenters:

If you are a scholar/educator, artist (visual, literary, performance), culture-bearer/ advocate/ activist and if you deem that your work is Babaylan-inspired and Babaylan-informed, please submit a 250-500 word abstract describing the content of your paper and a paragraph about how you think it fits into the conference themes mentioned above.

For panel presentations, please submit the names of the members of the panel, the title and 250-500 word abstract for each presentation, and the name of the panel moderator.

Deadline for conference abstracts is Nov. 15, 2009.

More detailed information can be found on the Center for Babaylan Studies website.

George Takei, So Married!

The original Sulu is on Larry King Live right now!

And he looks goood!

He’s been with the same man for 22 years, and got married September 2008. Says it was the happiest day of his life!

He looks sooo happy.

His partner looks like such a nice guy. He talks about how he made George a pot of hot tea on the day they got married (Sweet, sweet. Self wishes hubby would make her breakfast in bed, prepare pots of hot tea etc etc. Perhaps she will make him read this post after he drags himself home from the office. Yeah, better still, she’ll do it right when he’s in the middle of watching an NBA play-off game!)

George says he owes so much to his partner, Brad. Brad helped him care for his mother, who had Alzheimer’s.

I looove his voice. It is surprisingly deep. John Cho’s voice has nothing on Takei’s!

* * *

The other thing self saw on TV today (when she should have been writing — yeah, she knows) was a video of a Filipino kid being stomped by some high school classmates. She didn’t know the kid was Filipino until afterwards, when they interviewed his younger sister. In the video, he’s completely motionless in a school hallway, and about three kids are stomping on him. He doesn’t move. Is he playing dead? Is he unconscious?

The minute the hooligans leave, some kids rush up to aid the motionless student. Judging by the speed with which they appear on-screen, they must have been in the same hallway, just out of sight, probably too afraid to approach.

The incident happened in December 2007. The sister kept quiet, the kid kept quiet, the parents kept quiet. They only came forward when the video surfaced on YouTube this week. The reporter said that the parents are sending the kid back to the Philippines to study “in private school.” (What school would that be? Ateneo? LaSalle? San Beda?)

Hello? Is this a solution?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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