Thanks to Mnemosyne, Self is Now a Kreative Blogger

Waaaah!  Self will do the Sally Field/ Halle Berry big crying scene!

She’s just received her first blogging honor!  The “Kreative Blogger” Award from Mnemosyne!

Thank you, Mnemosyne!  Thank you!

Now, self has to pass on the favor to seven other intrepid bloggers.  And that’s easy as pie!  They’re the same Kreative Bloggers as Mnemosyne’s!  Plus these seven:


Barbara Jane Reyes/ Poeta Y Diwata blog

Charles Tan/ Bibliophile Stalker

A Certain Jen Ne Sais Kwok

saesferd/ The Antiquarian’s Attic

Vince Gotera/ The Man with the Blue Guitar


Let’s all give them a big hand, dear blog readers!

Kreative Blogger Award, Part Deux

7 Things Self Loves

Movies, esp Summer Movies

Books That Make Her Cry

Tel Aviv



Plays (O’Neill, Pinter, Shepard, Shakespeare —  Hate musicals!)

Having Plenty of Time to Dream

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Thanks to Mnemosyne, Self is Now a Kreative Blogger

  1. Congratulations!
    Since we are on the subject of interesting blogs and Tel Aviv (as you’ve mentioned above) , may I recommend the blog of Melchettmike, a transported Brit in Tel Aviv (I think it is on
    Take care and all the best, Yosef


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