Friday Morning, 7:58 a.m.

Son and friend arrive todaaayy!!!

Mauricio didn’t make it to clean yesterday, so he is coming today as well!!!

Self wants to go see “Star Trek” movie again!!!

Self is supposed to see doctor this afternoon for she missed her annual check-up, but who cares, she wants to see “Star Trek” movie again!!!

Self thinks that, since she’s already spent hours roaming the web and getting into all sort of interesting websites, such as CakeTrain and Cafe Irreal, she might as well investigate a Fulbright!!!  Even though she’s been told again and again that she’s not eligible!!!

Let’s see, what else (aside from self’s deplorable tendency to punctuate everything with excitable exclamation points)?  Dogs are hungry.  Plants are thirsty.  Laundry a mess (perhaps self will go buy the washing machine of her dreams today?). “Terminator:  Salvation” also a mess (according to Stephanie Zacharek of and every other reviewer on the planet).

Jim Harrison novel also about to end:  Alas!  Novel’s hero returned from Paris sans romance, his only friend is “Carla.”  Carla is a dog.  Self thinks it is really funny that the last 50 pages of the novel are full of references to getting into bed with Carla, having a cheeseburger with Carla, going fishing with Carla, and so forth and so on.  My, Harrison must really be attached to canines.  Self still remembers, her first year in the Stanford University Creative Writing Program, how bemused she was that nearly all the male writers had “dog stories.”  She couldn’t understand the dog thing, as back home in Manila the dogs were the maids’ responsibility:  they flitted in and out of the rooms of her house, not even toilet-trained, but who cares when you have half a dozen maids to clean up . . .

But the hero has also embarked on a very interesting project, and that is to complete a book about his family’s legacy, and he has to keep writing even though his mother is dying . . .

But, self digresses.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned

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