Quote of the Day: “Live Long and Prosper” (\\//)

The day is exceedingly beautiful.  Self has already marinated a half-dozen chicken thighs for barbecuing (as it’s such a splendid day, who wouldn’t want to be outside as long as possible?)

Marinade consists of:  grated orange peel (from oranges growing in self’s backyard), orange juice (from oranges growing in self’s backyard), a dash of Tabasco, some cranberry jelly (This one self added just at the spur of the moment) and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Oh! Also some freshly ground black pepper.

Self and hubby went to see movie self has been derisively referring to, for some weeks now, as “the teeny bopper Star Trek.” The reason self is no longer calling it that is:

This “Star Trek” movie rocks!  Star Trek lives!

  • They found a great actor to play Spock!  In this version, Spock is hotter than Kirk!  (The most revisionist scene in the movie takes place between Spock and Uhura.  Never mind what it is:  dear blog readers can guess!  When self saw it, her jaw nearly dropped to the floor.  She couldn’t help tugging urgently at hubby’s sleeve and hissing:  That never happened!  That’s revisionist! Hubby’s response was to maintain a stoic silence.)
  • Guy who plays Scotty is the same guy who made self almost die laughing in British comedic gem, “Shaun of the Dead” (Simon Pegg)!
  • Hubby’s in heaven.  Because he got to hear again that signature line:  My name is James Tiberius Kirk!

Want to know how good this movie is?  The audience in the Redwood City Century 20 actually clapped at the end.  As summer movies go, it just blows “Wolverine” out of the water.  And one cannot, of course, watch a movie of this nature without coughing up $5 for the large bag of popcorn, with butter.

Go see it, dear blog readers.  Self gives it five stars.

Mother’s Day Thoughts (From an Un-Daughterly Daughter)

Today, self tried calling Dearest Mum. If she doesn’t time her call just right, Dearest Mum will have left the house for the day, and self will never be able to find her. Some days, she’ll get the number of one of Dearest Mum’s friends, and she’ll call there, and they’ll tell her Dearest Mum has just left for the house of another friend. So self will get that number, and Dearest Mum will again just have left.

Today, though, someone answered the phone, and that was Mildred. Mildred has been our family’s lavandera for over 30 years. She left to have her three children, but a couple of years ago, when she had her first grandchild, she started working for us again.

So, Mildred answered the phone, and self was glad. Because even though she missed Dearest Mum, the call was not completely wasted. And self asked Mildred if she could make sure that Dearest Mum, when she arrives in three weeks (a visit which hubby is uncommonly nervous about, self is not sure why), brings self some tuyo! (Would you believe, dear blog readers, self has been so careful with the bottles of tuyo she brought with her from Manila in January, that she still has three slivers left in the last bottle? And, boy, is she dying to eat those last three, but she’s waiting for a super-duper special occasion, such as winning the Lotto). And Mildred tells self that Dearest Mum is all in a tizzy about an old address book that contains all the names and contact information for all her friends in the States, and no one has seen this address book since Holy Week, when Dearest Mum took it with her to Hong Kong. But, Mildred says, she and Dearest Mum have together practically torn the house apart, looking and looking and looking. And it’s naturally driving Dearest Mum crazy.

And self prays, prays, that when Dearest Mum comes, she can still write. Because there have been times when, after Dearest Mum visits, self is reduced to such a state that she can’t write for a couple of months. And that was OK when self was 30, but now she can’t afford to be like that. And the only way is to really get a grip, get a grip, get a grip. And it’s not easy because, sometimes, Dearest Mum will say the craziest things, or she’ll want so much to see niece G that she’ll chance renting a car just to go up to Stanford, and self can’t always accompany her on these trips, and then Dearest Mum will get lost, and she’ll call self, sometimes when self is in the middle of teaching a class, and self’s anxiety will spike up really really high, and she’ll tell Dearest Mum to stay put, she’ll come for her, but Dearest Mum can never stay put, and self’s students can always tell when self’s mind has flown out the window. These are the things self can look forward to, in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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