And Now Come the Olmecs (Followed by a Big Surprise!)

From across the street, from the house next door, come competing lawn-mower sounds.

It is still overcast. Self wonders if it is supposed to rain.

She’s still on the couch. It is 2:33 p.m. She’s a little over halfway reading 1491, and author Charles Mann has cleverly maneuvered self backwards in time, back from the Maya Empires, back to a culture so mysterious no one knows what the people called themselves, though modern historians generally refer to the people of this MesoAmerican “mother culture” as the Olmecs.

Over and over, totemic in their carvings and other temple art, are depictions of squat, curled-up figures with enormously outsized heads. Archaeologists sometimes referred to these figures as “dwarves”. Others as “dancers.” Now, however, Mann states that it has been definitively revealed — by a man trained in medicine, a doctor with an archaeological bent — that the mysterious carvings are actual depictions of fetuses, at various stages of development. Nowhere else in the archaeological record do such depictions occur, dear blog readers. Mann states that the earliest example in the Western world was a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. But dear blog readers don’t need self to tell them that da Vinci came many, many thousands of centuries later and continents away. The mystery of these ancient people deepens.

* * *

At approximately 3:30 p.m., self decides to take a break from her reading (which is becoming so intense, dear blog readers: self’s eyebags are just tremendous from all the late nights she’s spent poring over this book) and call son. And, oh my God, son informs self that he’ll be driving up with a girl, and turns out hubby knew ages ago, but didn’t think self needed to know, and now self will have to run around getting new furniture! And wall-papering the bathroom! And getting a manicure/ pedicure! And buying new throw pillows! And scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen! And dusting all the bookshelves!

This reminds self of the time Steve Young’s girlfriend’s mother (who was a good friend of Dearest Mum’s), asked self if she would mind having Steve over for dinner, for he’d just signed with the 49-ers and didn’t know anyone in San Francisco. When self told hubby, she didn’t have a clue who Steve Young was, but hubby nearly had a heart attack and declared that we had to rush right then to Breuner’s and get a new dining room set.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

(1st May) Weekend Status Report: Saw “Wolverine”

It is still cold.

Self ate too much (last night at Karin’s).

Self and hubby saw “Wolverine.” Theatre was packed, self hasn’t had the pleasure of hearing so many pre-pubescent boys exclaim excitedly over scenes since the days when son was still himself a pre-pubescent. Self was extremely pleased with herself for having gone to the Mountain View Farmers Market earlier this morning, for then she was able to munch on cookies from her favorite cookie lady while watching the movie. Self still sad over the closing of Beard Papa.

Hubby enjoyed the movie enormously (declared it “3 out of 4 stars”). Self thought Liev made an uncommonly convincing bad guy. Hugh Jackman was very buff. Couldn’t they have picked a better actor to play Stryker — someone, say, like Stellan Skarsgard, or Klaus Maria Brandauer? Suppose they had to pick an American, but still! Ryan Reynolds (showing off very pumped up biceps) was in the movie for something like 10 minutes.

One character who truly interested self was named Gambit. Our intrepid hero encounters him in a New Orleans bar where he does fancy things with a deck of cards. Self wondered who that young actor was. When she got home, she googled and discovered that he is Taylor Kitsch of “Friday Night Lights.” He looks great on the big screen.

Oh, and Wolverine also has a love interest, whose screen name self completely forgot, about two minutes before the end of the movie. She looked vaguely Native American and told Wolverine stories of her Indian forebears.

Now, self is frying bacon that she will use to make spaghetti carbonara for dinner tonight. She has tons of eggs (from recent foray to Costco) and some half-and-half left over from making the clam chowder she brought to last night’s dinner.

Oh happy day! Sun’s finally out!

If only all weekends could be like the one now ending. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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