Various Things: An Assessment

Since the sun is shining, and self is finally warm, she has decided to do an assessment of where she is:  mentally, financially, botanically, even weight-wise, in mid-spring 2009.

  1. Mentally: very fine, loving the book currently reading (Elena Ferrante’s The Days of Abandonment, and just finished reading a really good one: Wendy Moore’s The Knife Man)
  2. Financially: not so fine (No funds incoming, but plenty outgoing, for ex. to self’s dentist in Menlo Park)
  3. Botanically: very very very fine
  4. Weight-Wise: Let’s not go there

Self was worried that she was over-indulging Read the rest of this entry »

First Time in Mountain View Costco

Today, self decided to “think out of the box”. First, in the early afternoon, she wended her way to NDNU (beloved school: self still remembers when she first started teaching night classes there, years ago, she thought it adorable that some of her students, who apparently came straight from the dorms, were not too sophisticated to be seen in public wearing furry slippers!). Professor F had announced that he would be making available to colleagues and students the contents of Dear Departed Prof. Ardy Davaran’s office, for anyone who wanted to take home a little piece of this wonderful, magical man, who passed away while self was in the Philippines in January. Self could go on and on and on about Ardy. In fact, today, looking at his books, self felt moved to tears. But as there were other people there, looking through the shelves, self decided to keep a stiff upper lip.

And she made the discovery that Ardy had quite a sizable library, though self had no idea he had so many feminist texts! Books on women’s lives, books by such eminent feminist critics as Elaine Showalter, the plays of English playwright Caryl Churchill, biographies of Frida Kahlo (self snapped those up) and books such as The Fear of Femininity and Other Essays on Feminine Psychology, which self picked up for son (since he is a Psychology major). In the end, self lumbered out of Ardy’s office with over 20 books. She has no shame. She told Vince F that she was never going to separate the books; they’d occupy pride of place on her bookshelves, as “Ardy’s Shelf.” And she means it.

Next, self went to the plant nursery in the shopping center at the corner of Ralston and Alameda. And gosh, it was such a beautiful nursery, filled with the most amazing variety of Japanese maples (self loved the ones with reddish leaves) and azaleas! But self noticed that the plants were much cheaper at Home Depot (though of course, not as special), so she regretfully left the nursery empty-handed.

And last of all, just as it began to get dark, self decided to dash over to Costco in Mountain View. And, though she had much lamented the tearing down of her beloved Redwood City Costco, she was very excited to discover that in the same shopping center as the MV Costco are:

an In-N-Out Burger restaurant
a Goldilocks restaurant

And, not only that, but six tins of corned beef are $4 cheaper at this Costco than they were at self’s Redwood City Costco. And, in addition, the MV Costco has more Asian food! Such as three-packs of Chinese sausage going for $8.88! Happy happy joy joy!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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