Enough of the Brain Food: Self Wants REAL Food!

Self has spent the whole entire day in her PJs. Yes indeed, she’s been an absolute demon about the work, finishing a short story (very dark, depressing: the usual thing, guy goes off the deep end, etc etc) e-mailing hither and thither: New York, Manila, Tel Aviv — you name it!

Now she has to go and get some copies made (and it’s such a pain that her local Kinko’s closed), so now she has to pay more for copies at the Pack’n Mail. Then, she has to buy a copy of The New York Times. Then, she has to buy a couple of egg rolls.

Yes, dear blog readers, you read right: egg rolls. Self is mighty hungry at the moment, having had only two English muffins (and a small glass of Kern’s mango nectar) since getting up this morning (part of her new diet-like-Valerie-Bertinelli-without-signing-up-for-Jenny-Craig plan). And she suddenly felt an overwhelming craving for egg rolls. If self were closer to Daly City or Mountain View, she’d just pop over to Goldilocks for lumpia (Thank God she doesn’t live right next to either of these two cities, or there’d be daily Goldilocks runs). She hasn’t tried the Safeway Chinese take-out in maybe two years, so how about checking out those egg rolls, which are humongous? And, self thinks, quite yummy-looking?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Quote of the Day: Steppenwolf

Self saved the programme from “The Tempest” production at Steppenwolf, which she saw just one day after it opened, in late March. Production might not have been to everyone’s taste (elegant lady in sweater set and pearls sitting to self’s left disappeared at Intermission), but one could never accuse Steppenwolf of “playing it safe” (Spirits wearing red hoop skirts — even the men — and masks? A shaved-headed Ferdinand, whose back was bedecked with tattoos? An Ariel who plays drums while suspended above the stage? Can anyone say, “post-modern”?)

On the flight home, self was so bored that she pulled the play’s programme out of her carry-on luggage and began to read. Here’s a quote from a piece on “the imagery of The Tempest” by artist Tony Fitzpatrick. The Galati mentioned in the piece is Frank Galati, whose portrayal of Prospero was nothing short of monumental:

When photographer Sandro Miller brought me this fine photograph of Galati, I set about trying to find the right scraps that would underline Prospero’s (and Galati’s) ferocity and benevolence: he is a banished Duke; the knuckle-headed Caliban has attempted to rape his daughter, Miranda; he is surrounded by enemies, including his back-stabbing brother, Antonio, who rat-f____ed him with the help of the King of Naples and banished him to this island . . .

Needless to say this is red meat for Prospero. Eventually, they will all answer to him. Shakespeare sometimes goes to great lengths to let us know that life’s folly isn’t always about the right and the wrong. It’s also about the consequences.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

SF Chronicle Book Review, 15 March 2009

Books self is interested in reading after perusing the 15 March 2009 issue of The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review — a very short list, but they reviewed Ogawa, and one of the reviews is written by Abraham Verghese (who seems to be everywhere these days, including Stanford, where he now teaches):

(1) After reading Abraham Verghese’s review of San Francisco writer Minal Hajratwala’s Leaving India: My Family’s Journey From Five Villages to Five Continents:

Minal Hajratwala’s Leaving India: My Family’s Journey From Five Villages to Five Continents

(2) After reading Joan Frank’s review of Yoko Ogawa’s latest novel, The Housekeeper and The Professor:

Yoko Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and The Professor

(3) After reading Charles Matthews’ review of Cara Black’s ninth Aimee Leduc mystery, Murder in the Latin Quarter:

Cara Black’s Murder in the Latin Quarter

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