A Servant Named Tiananmen

Self not even halfway through Sky Burial:  An Epic Love Story of Tibet, and already so many things have happened, dear blog readers.

The narrator’s husband, a medic attached to a unit of the Chinese army stationed in Tibet, disappears and is declared dead.  His wife, suspecting Read the rest of this entry »


Another Kind of Paradise is out from Cheng & Tsui! Self received her author copy just before leaving for the Association for Asian Studies Conference, happy happy joy joy.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction by Trevor Carolan, followed by a list of the authors included, grouped by country:

    . . . whether looking forward or harkening back to colonial-era experiences, at the root of this anthology is the simple tradition of storytelling, the fundamental organizing ritual at the core of communal, agricultural life. It is in this that the writers of the Asia-Pacific plainly excel, and that elevates their works from quotidian documentary to meaningful discourse addressing both the individual’s and their societies’ moral and ethical dilemmas within the ongoing global crisis of spirit and meaning. As readers will discover, there is enlightenment here for the having.
  • From Bangladesh: Niaz Zaman: “The Dance”
  • From Burma: Nyi Pu Lay: “The Python”
  • From Cambodia: Kong Bunchhoeun: “A Mysterious Passenger”
  • From China: Hong Ying: “The Snuff Bottle”; Yu Hua: “Their Son”
  • From Hong Kong: Xu Xi: “Until the Next Century”
  • From Indonesia: Putu Oka Sukanta: “Storm Clouds Over the Island of Paradise”; Martin Aleida: “Dewangga’s Pendant”
  • From Japan: Seiko Tanabe: “The Innocent”; Shogo Oketani: “A Day and a Half of Freedom”
  • From Korea: Yun Dae Nyeong: “The Silver Trout Fishing Network”; Mi-na Choi: “Third Meeting”
  • From Laos: Outhine Bounyavong: “Wrapped-Ash Delight”
  • From Malaysia: K. S. Maniam: “Arriving”; Mulaika Hijjas: “Confinement”
  • From The Philippines: Gilda Cordero-Fernando: “Bushouse”; Self: “Lizard”
  • From Singapore: Alfian Bin Sa’at: “Pillow”
  • From Taiwan: Ku Ling: “Lord Beile”
  • From Thailand: Samruan Singh: “The Necklace”
  • From Vietnam: Pham Thi Hoai: “Nine Down Makes Ten”

Self hearts Trevor!  And Frances Cabahug, who worked so hard to help put this volume together!

Self’s only regret is that there probably aren’t going to be any readings — since none of the authors reside anywhere near each other!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

9:27 p.m., Some Tuesday

End of what turned out to be a long and rather hectic day.  First, self got genius idea for a story.  Happy happy joy joy! Unfortunately, inspiration struck only an hour before she had to put in her time at NDNU Writing Center (or did the inspiration come because she had only an hour left before going to the Writing Center?  Who knows?  The point is:  she did get inspired)

Then, at the Writing Center, eight students mobbed self in a two-hour period, all expecting her to turn their papers into pure gold.

Then, self came home and became frantic busy with watering the garden.  Self realized one of her roses was being overwhelmed by Blackspot, decided to try spraying with copper sulfate.  Aaargh, the copper was hard to mix and spilled all over her hands and clothing.  Manicure ruined!  Not to mention the fact that self had to spend half an hour hosing down the deck, to make sure the dogs wouldn’t accidentally ingest any chemicals.

Now, finally, relaxing.  Watching “The Mentalist” with hubby.  Simon Baker so dee-lish! Last night, hubby and self watched “The Road Warrior.” What a great movie! Now, self pondering the fact that so many good actors and actresses (not to mention directors) are from Australia. All right, let’s make a list. Here goes:

Simon Baker
Abbie Cornish
Russell Crowe
Judy Davis
Mel Gibson
Hugh Jackman
Nicole Kidman
Anthony LaPaglia
Heath Ledger
Guy Pierce
Naomi Watts
the guy who plays Dr. Troy in Nip/Tuck (Sorry to be so lame, but self is multi-tasking: dinner plus TV plus etcetera etcetera)

As for directors, here are a few self can think of from the top of her head:

  • Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, Australia)
  • George Miller (Director of Mad Max and The Road Warrior, Producer of Babe)
  • Peter Weir (Walkabout, Master and Commander, Witness)

(Self is sure she is forgetting someone.  Self found drawing up this list incredibly relaxing, maybe next time around she should try posting about Canadian actors and actresses!)

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