And Now Self is Home (Again)

And here’s what self has come home to:

  • A beautiful sunset (self thinks she hasn’t seen a California sunset so beautiful in a long, long while —  but perhaps that’s just because she was so thankful to be here as opposed to a place like Chicago which, exciting as it is, was positively frigid when self left this morning)
  • Dinner with hubby at Lobster Shack (Oooh, those deep-fried scallops are so dee-lish!)
  • An ecstatic Gracie and Bella
  • Three rejections in the mail (four if you count one job application).  And here are the journals that sent rejections:  Quiddity, a new lit journal self stumbled across at the AWP conference (and self sent them a story only a week ago–  my, that was quick!); Tri-Quarterly (self always knew this one was a long shot —  she’s been trying for them since her days in the Stanford Creative Writing Program yet!  Only once has she come close); and South Loop Review which, coincidentally, is based in Chicago

The thing about Chicago, self muses, is that she loves their theatre.  Even when the play isn’t necessarily genius, as “The Tempest” was not, self still finds herself mightily entertained, by the daring and hubris and risk-taking coming from the stage.  Self musing that she never used to enjoy Shakespeare, not until the summer she took son to a Cal Shakes production of “Romeo and Juliet,” over at Orinda.  The open air, the hot sun, the wine consumed before the play began —  perhaps that had something to do with it.  But more than anything, self appreciated the director’s slashing attack on a “classic” text, the unconventional bits, the unexpected and surprisingly contemporary readings of the lines.

Self realizes she hasn’t said much about The Association for Asian Studies conference!  It was fun. Also, instructive: self is glad she realized early she was not an academic, and is doubly glad she stumbled into the Stanford Creative Writing Program.  Though it was good to bump into former Chinese classmate Phil Kafalas, and to see other faces from Stanford Asian Languages.  And, her panel went well!  Several people said it was the most interesting panel at the conference (which self feels very inadequate to judge: she stumbled around pretty badly in her talk, she’s not sure if it was the fact that she was preceded by two very elegant presentations that undid her confidence).  More about that later.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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