Oh, the Best Laid Plans

Hubby informs self that he thinks she should bring her laptop along with her to Association for Asian Studies Conference in Chicago.

Why, self asks. She always ends up blogging into the wee hours, and then she walks around the whole day with the most tremendous, punishing eyebags.

“You might forget something you want to say,” hubby points out.

Yeah, like if self watches “The Tempest” at The Steppenwolf, and ends up in raptures afterwards. Nothing beats on-the-spot blogging, when she is still in the grip of rapture.

Aaargh, aaargh, aaargh! Self can’t think!

4 thoughts on “Oh, the Best Laid Plans

  1. Self’s hubby is an exceedingly smart man.
    I had not come up with what to read in place of your daily entries if you didn’t blog while away. Whew!!
    Have fun in Chi Town. I lived there for 9 years- last play I watched was Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” at the Viaduct.


  2. OK, sold, I’m bringing ze laptop. Internet fees are cheaper than at The Palmer House!

    I’m so excited, I already got Teri Yamada to agree to go with me to “The Tempest.”


  3. Have fun! Can hardly wait to read your blog. I think hubby is indeed a very smart fellow. Your readers thank him!


  4. Aaargh, I left my laptop! And after getting here, found out at the registration desk that the internet is free to all registrants in the conference! ‘s OK, they have an internet cafe in the basement, and guests have free access for a limited time . . .


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