Your “Blind Date” Story

. . .  was just crying out for a home.  Now, look no further.  For a planned anthology of blind date stories (And self is sure that dear blog readers have a lot of those!), please refer to the information posted below (In the interest of full disclosure, self received this from the friend of a friend of a friend).

Hello blind daters:

I am looking for funny, bizarre, poignant blind date stories for a book to come out next year. Tales with happy endings are welcome, but let’s face it, terrible dates usually make better stories. I’d especially like stories of dates set up by mutual friends, family or matchmaker, though great online-dating stories are welcome, too (you can have seen a picture and a date still be “blind”).

They can be short or long, however long it takes to tell the story. (I’m guessing these will be stories you’ve told before.) I will change names and details to disguise you, and I will edit the writing, so don’t worry about polishing it. If you’d rather tell me the story over the phone than e-mail it, that’s fine too.

Thank you so much,

Virginia Vitzthum

Write me at

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Recessionary Musings (Inspired by an Article in Last Sunday’s New York Times)

According to a small article in the Business Section of last Sunday’s New York Times, the businesses that are thriving the most in this economic downturn (i.e., “businesses that were profitable in the last 12 months”) are:

Dentists’ offices

Why is self not surprised?  She saw her beloved dentist just a few days ago, and the dentist told her she’d have to come back in a week:  she’d just discovered two more cavities.  Self thoroughly disgusted at the abject state of her mouth:  why cannot her teeth cooperate, get in line with the rest of the economy and shape up?

The second set of businesses that are thriving the most in this period of etc. etc. are:

Accounting and tax preparation offices

And the third set of businesses that seem immune to etc. etc. are:

Legal Services

To the above list, self would like to add:  specialty purveyors of childrens’ shoes.  Exhibit A:  Self was in downtown San Carlos the other day when she passed a store called  Ten Toes Children’s Shoes, just across from the Wells Fargo where self had just withdrawn some cash.  And even though every nerve in her body was telling her to save her money for the books she looks forward to buying at the upcoming AWP Conference, or to pay off her dentist’s bill, she found it too hard to resist the siren call of the Stride-Rites on display, and plunked down $40 for a pair of pink suede Mary Janes for Ying’s daughter,  Anita.  Telling herself that, by so doing, she was doing her bit to support the local economy.

Another business that seems not to be suffering at all in the current economic downturn is movies.  For self and hubby were at the downtown Redwood City Century 20 at noon today, and it was a mob scene.  There were so many people that they had to be cordoned into lines for the next show.  And self and hubby were among the last to find seats for the 12:45 show of “Taken” (which by the way reminded self so much of a French movie, something like “La Femme Nikita,” with its mix of over-the-top violence and ludicrous situations, but which nevertheless had the entire theatre actually standing up and cheering at the end).  And self would just like to congratulate Liam Neeson for having finally found the right vehicle for his blend of masculinity and sensitivity, for having a hit movie after so many years, and for aging so much better than Ralph Fiennes.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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