Quote of the Day: 3rd of January, 2009

“If you don’t come to terms with your shadow, it will appear in your life as your fate.”

—  psychiatrist Carl Jung

“Marley & Me” Redux!

For an intellectual “take” on the success of “Marley & Me,” and dog movies in general (including a list of possibly all the dog movies ever made, starting with the Depression) read this.

The post includes musings on how Aniston and Wilson have managed to stay “A-list” celebrities in spite of not having made that many blockbuster movies.

Also mentions the fact that Jay Roach (Stanford grad, dorm-mate) made “Meet the Parents” (Where is he now?)

Also mentions the sub-text of tabloid fodder that creeps into (and plays no small part in) movie viewers’ responses to this movie (Come on, you really think the baby miscarriage scene in the hospital was about John Grogan and his wife???  Wasn’t that about Jen being deprived of her chance to be a mama by Brad dumping her just at the point when she had decided that, OK, she was ready to have his child?)

Also points out the fact that Eric Dane didn’t get to make a pass at Jen’s character in the movie.

Also makes a crack about Jen and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Also muses about Jen’s seeming determination to make her role into “the hottest mom yet” in a Dog Movie.  Says she loses to Diane Lane (Self never knew that Diane Lane made a dog movie!  That just blows her mind!) and Nancy Travis (Again, whatever happened to — ?)

Also brings up “the tension of trying to look 20 while playing 40.” (Touché!).  Is not sure “cute” is going to “work in the next ten years” of Aniston’s career.

Also, calls Wilson “the movie version of Kobe Bryant.”

Says “Wilson’s scenes with the dog make you feel like Marley really is his dog.”

The only thing self takes issue with is the mention of Kathleen Turner “playing against type.”  Anyone who watches this movie and recognizes Kathleen Turner will feel sad for her.  This woman was the hottest actress of her generation, the woman who drove William Hurt wild in “Body Heat” and did same for Michael Douglas in “Jewel of the Nile” and its sequels.  Now she has morphed into Jabba the Hutt.  This goes well beyond playing against type, in self’s humble opinion.

Anyhoo, self can’t believe she’s gone on and on about a dog movie.  (If you had said, on Jan. 3, 2008:  “Self, exactly one year from now, you will find yourself parsing a dog movie,” she would have laughed in your face)

Go and check out chancelucky’s article, dear blog readers.  Let’s raise the level of intellectual discourse about dogs, hits, aging celebrities, and “lifestyle porn” (aka movie bric-a-brac:  nice houses, great clothes, etc etc)

This post is not about a movie, it’s about life!  Life in this current Depression!

When chancelucky writes that, watching this movie, “you’d never know that one of the biggest victims in this recession has been the daily newspaper,” self wanted to stand up and cheer!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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