Woe: The Passing of a Genius

The renowned British playwright, Harold Pinter, has died.  The announcement was made by his wife, the biographer Lady Antonia Fraser.

Pinter on language —  no one was better at exploring its obfuscation and its capacity for deflection, at mining the reefs and shoals of ordinary conversation.

He once said:  “The speech we hear is an indication of that which we don’t hear.  It is a necessary avoidance, a violent, sly, and anguished or mocking smoke screen which keeps the other in its true place.  When true silence falls we are left with echo but are nearer nakedness.  One way of looking at speech is to say that it is a constant stratagem to cover nakedness.”

His influence on the theatre world was enormous.  Without Pinter, there would be no David Mamet, no Sam Shepard.  Read “The Birthday Party” (brilliant, brilliant —  and, a young man’s play:  Pinter wrote it when he was only 28) or “The Homecoming.” Then, watch a Sam Shepard play, either “Buried Child” (which self first saw before son was born, at The Magic Theatre in Fort Mason —  Shepard’s spiritual home) or “Curse of the Starving Class”, staged just this fall by ACT (with, by the way, a smashing set design by the Obie and Tony-winning Filipino set designer and director Loy Arcenas).

Or watch David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross.”  Heck, watch a Coen brothers movie!

Language and its violence were his true subjects.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

“Transporter 3” Rocks!

Apologies, dear blog readers: self knows this is not a serious post. For instance, why does she love “Transporter 3”? When all that esteemed New Yorker could say about this movie was that Jason Statham exhibited some “balletic” moves?  When, this afternoon, during the 12:55 p.m. show in downtown RWC movie theatre, there was absolutely no one else in the theatre —  other than son and self, that is?

The reasons self loved “Transporter 3” are:

  • This movie is just tailor-made for people who are not serious (like self)
  • Self just realized who Jason Statham’s moves remind her of: Bruce Lee. The “Enter the Dragon” and “Fists of Fury” Bruce Lee.  And, he is probably the only person on the planet who can race an Audi on the top of a speeding train, and make it look believable.
  • This installment marks a return to the inspired silliness of the first. For one, it is set in Europe, where the original one was set.
  • Self can now reply with confidence when someone asks her which is a better car, an Audi or a Mercedes.  Answer:  an Audi (especially when driven by Jason Statham) as his car left all the various Mercedeses driven by the bad guys in the dust.  One (Mercedes) even went end over end and exploded in a ravine!
  • The girl is a ding-bat, as she should be. (Please, no more of the suffering, martyr wives like the one Amber Valleta had to play in installment no. 2!) This girl drinks vodka straight from the bottle, pees in the aisle of a convenience store (she has a good excuse: she’s fitted with a metal bracelet that explodes if she moves farther from the car than 75 feet), and begs Jason Statham to strip —  which, much to self’s elation, he does, in an open field. Ha ha ha ha!
  • The bad guys are nondescript: standard bad guys, none of your Max von Sydow or James Cromwell A-list bad guys. Which is what makes the movie even more enjoyable.

When the credits rolled, self could barely contain herself.  She turned to son and said, “Wow! That was a really good movie!”

And son replied, “It was all right.” Self has the sneaking suspicion he preferred “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” And, coincidentally, a preview for that very movie was showing just before “Transporter 3.” So self got to see the divine Keanu in his polygraph scene all over again.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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