Who was this guy with the vaguely Joseph Gordon-Levitt look who was all over the news yesterday?

His name was Tim Lincecum (Self challenges dear blog readers to try and pronounce that without stumbling) and he’d just won the Cy Young. Self wasn’t paying attention until she heard the words “first Filipino to win the Cy Young.” So she looked at the TV screen, and there was cute-ness. OK, so he’s only half-Filipino, but hey, at least he’s up-front about it; he is not trying to “pass”!

He is 24 years old, and he sometimes goes by the moniker, “the Freak.” He “throws right-handed and bats left-handed.” He is “known for his long stride, sharp mechanics, and the ability to generate high torque for maximum velocity.” He has a “two-seam fastball” and “a change-up that he grips similar to a splitter.” OK, self has no idea what she just wrote. Look up his entry on Wikipedia, dear blog readers.

Oh, and a few weeks ago, hubby looked up from his Sports Illustrated and announced: “Manny Pacquiao was just declared, by Sports Illustrated, pound for pound, one of the five best boxers in the world.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Brain Cloud: Clive Owen, Lav Diaz, and Gayle Romasanta

Self was so tired yesterday that she canceled a dentist’s appointment and at 6 p.m. was already in her pajamas, on the couch. She made popcorn. She watched her Netflix movie, “Shoot ’em Up,” with Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci (over-the-top great). By the time hubby came home, at 8 p.m., she’d had dinner and was dozing it off. He nearly tripped and fell over two boxes that had been left on the doorsill. Oh! The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer! Self’s old one, which she bought after watching an advertisement on Spanish TV when she was in southern Spain in ’96, had given up the ghost a month ago. At first, she thought she could do without it, but all the food she left in the fridge mouldered there for days. Now self’s going to go through everything in the fridge, sealing everything in little plastic pouches. How relaxing!

Anyhoo, self was truly, deeply asleep by about 10 p.m. Which is why she is wide awake now, at 4:30 a.m. Self loves these pre-dawn hours. There was a time when she tried to make herself NOT get on the computer until 7 a.m., just to see if she could get in some serious writing, but alas she could never withstand the siren call of the internet.

This morning, self is reading Filipinas Magazine. She reads with pleasure a letter from the editor, Greg Macabenta, who reports that “next year, we might even show a modest profit.” On p. 10, she reads about an eight-hour film by a Filipino Director named “Lav” Diaz that won Best Film in the “Orizzonti Section of the 65th International Film Festival in Italy.” If only self knew what “Orizzonti” meant! Anyhoo, the selection was unanimous, and the film “was also picked to be the closing film of the festival.” According to Filipinas, “the movie focused on examining the reason for so much sadness and so much madness in the world.” Congratulations, Lav.

Then self moved a few pages down and saw a picture with a face that looked vaguely familiar. And, yes, it is Robert Divina, who self just saw in Gayle Romasanta’s musical, “Love in the Time of Breast Cancer.” Self was so glad she got to see the production, for it was very, very good. Afterwards, when everyone was milling about on-stage, self told Gayle that she wished it would be shown in more places, she really liked it. Robert Divina played the lead character’s love interest, a Spanish photojournalist, and afterwards, when self and Edwin and Karen were leaving the theatre, Edwin said “hi” to an extremely tall person who turned out to be Robert Divina in regular clothes. On-stage, he didn’t seem so tall, but next to regular Filipinos, he seemed like a giant. Also in the vicinity was the female lead, Esperanza Catubig, who is even lovelier than she was on-stage, because she turns out to have a profusion of long, shiny black hair (which during the play is hidden by a head-scarf at all times). And, wouldn’t you know, Edwin knew her as well. Edwin knows everybody! It took us a good half-hour to cut short the hellos and good-byes and make it to our respective cars.

So, it’s been an extremely busy but fulfilling week, dear blog readers. Day after tomorrow, self embarks on epic road trip with Dearest Mum. Stay tuned.

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