The Point Where “Babae sa Breakwater” Just Lost Her

Was the point where the poor young man and his lady love dress up in salvaged wedding finery, wade into the water just behind the Manila Hotel, and dip their faces into garbage-strewn filth.


Subsequent to that, a scene where the squatters who live along the breakwater of Roxas Boulevard hold impromptu party with stolen clothes and firecrackers. Everyone gazes skyward — yeah, yeah, self gets it: they are so amazed by the spectacle of beauty in lives that are woefully lacking in such.

And then, why is the lady love (Paquita) in this movie so white, when everyone else around her is so dark? And why, when hero (Basilio) encounters a guy tied to a post and screaming, why does he bother to ask, “Ano ba ang problema?” Couldn’t he just untie the poor guy and ask questions afterwards?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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