And Then the Phone Rings

And self leaps up, and there’s a voice saying over and over: “Hello? Hello?”

And self, too, is saying, “Hello? Hello?”

And then somehow self is on the phone to Tel Aviv, but there’s a clicking that says someone is trying to get through, and then self finds herself on the phone to Tel Aviv and to Manila simultaneously. And Dearest Mum is asking, “Can you come?” And self thinks: Oh no, I have agreed to teach four classes this semester. Because Dear Hubby said he would be out of a job soon.

And self asks if someone can put the phone up next to Ying’s ear, because, amazingly, self can hear her talking. Ying is talking. Someone says, “Ying, it’s ______” and she says self’s name, but that’s all.

4 thoughts on “And Then the Phone Rings

  1. Chancelucky,

    I forgot to answer your question. Did I get to talk to Ying again? No. She said my name, but she started to giggle, and then I realized they’d pumped her so full of morphine, she was high. And then my mom got the phone away before I could say anything else.


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