WWF to EU: Stop Bluefin Tuna Fishing

From an ad in The Economist of 7 June 2008:

Stop Bluefin Tuna Fishing Now or Lose it Forever

Mediterranean bluefin tuna is on the verge of collapse. Every day 10,000 tunas are being caught in the Mediterranean sea, much more than is sustainable. There’s more than the survival of a species at stake too. Unless the EU closes the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery immediately, fishing communities as well as the wider marine ecosystem would be put at risk. WWF is calling on the European Commission to push through the immediate closure of the fishery. Waiting for the season to officially close on June 30 will be too late. If you don’t want overfishing to destroy ocean life, go today to http://www.panda.org/tuna

* * *

To put the above in context, ad appeared in June 7 Economist, and on June 13 this happened:

EU bluefin tuna fishing ban for Mediterranean

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor for The Telegraph, UK

A ban on fishing for bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic has been announced by the EU for large industrial vessels after widespread evidence of illegal fishing.

  • EU to act on bluefin over-fishing
  • France forced to stop illegal drift net fishing
  • Tuna fishing ban for South Pacific zones
  • * * *

    And here’s the latest:

    EU rejects calls to drop planned tuna fishing ban

    BRUSSELS (AFP) ā€” The European Commission on Tuesday rejected calls from France, Italy and Spain to drop a planned ban on industrial bluefin tuna fishing, defending its decision to close the fishing season early.

    Dismissing accusations that its decision was based on faulty figures, the commission said unnamed EU member nations were failing to keep track of catches, running the risk of overfishing.

    “The commission therefore cannot seriously be expected to consider their very poorly based request to suspend its well-founded decision,” EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg said in a statement.

    The commission sparked a wave of protest on Friday from Europe’s leading tuna fishing nations — France, Italy and Spain — by announcing plans to close the season early for big industrial operations in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic.

    Walking: Downtown Burlingame

    It was a beautiful day — Well, OK, just a tad warm.

    Self had gone shopping in Marina Market (Is it just her imagination or are there really more non-Asians — read: “whites” — shopping there now? One blonde woman took a call on her cell phone and chattered excitedly to someone, self guessed her husband: “Yes, I’m having a lot of fun just wandering around and looking at everything!”). Afterwards, on impulse, self decided to drop by Daly City, to uncle’s house, where Dearest Mum is currently ensconced. And there she found uncle in the process of preparing a very hearty breakfast for his two grandsons, who he seemed to be babysitting. And this is what he prepared for the two 10-year-olds (who were so rapt with their laptops that they never even looked up once, not even to thank him):

    • 10 strips of bacon
    • “coddled” eggs
    • slices of apricots and peaches
    • toasted English muffins

    What a breakfast! Self wanted to sit right down and join them. But she was not invited, so she held her tongue.

    Then, self inquired if Dearest Mum wanted to go anywhere. And Dearest Mum said that she had in fact the urgent need to go to a bank. So self offered to drop her there. And, since it was nearly lunchtime, Dearest Mum decided we should eat somewhere in downtown Burlingame. And she revealed that yesterday, she had treated out uncle, aunt, and a number of other relatives to breakfast at Copenhagen. So today she wanted to try something different. And she settled on Crepevine. And self and Dearest Mum shared something that turned out to be Eggs Benedict, only fancied up with Canadian ham and spinach. Also, a dessert of cherry blintzes with vanilla ice cream. (Self all the while wondering if the prawns she had bought from Marina Market would survive two hours in her car, under hot sun, or whether they would start to smell, and if so, would Dearest Mum say something, etc etc)

    Anyhoo, there were several interesting things self noticed while on this walk:

    • Dearest Mum insists on crossing the street anywhere she feels like it. Self tried to steer her to the pedestrian crosswalks, but Dearest Mum insisted that self’s aunts and uncles cross wherever they like, it is the “usual practice.” So, because self already has the reputation of being a real “stick,” among Dearest Mum’s side of the family especially, who are so flamboyant and free-spirited, she kept quiet.
    • Dearest Mum started out walking on self’s right, but as soon as she realized she was in full sun, she crossed over to self’s left. And then, whenever we encountered slower-moving pedestrians, she would consider it a matter of pride to maneuver around them as quickly as possible, even if this meant crossing from the shady part to the sunny part of the sidewalk. And, as we encountered many many slow-moving pedestrians today, Dearest Mum was constantly cris-crossing in front of self, which put self in mind of her beagles, who always end up tangling their leashes.
    • Dearest Mum had a list of books she needed to get for Dear Tel Aviv Bro. Self forebore to look at the list. But, after entering a Books Inc., Dearest Mum suddenly lost interest in the whole proceeding and pushed the list into self’s bag, telling her to go and get the books and she’d reimburse self later.

    Such were the fascinating observations self made today about Dearest Mum, who is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of interesting behavior.

    Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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