Shock of the Day; No, of the Week; No, of the YEAR

Reason # 1:

You got e-mail from hubby. Until a few years ago, you didn’t even know he had an account 🙂

Reason # 2:

It’s Monday. Hubby almost never has time to talk/chat when you call, not to mention send e-mail.

Did you mention that hubby joined a start-up? And that he’s supposed to be building some very fancy laser thingamajig? That hopefully will have his Stanford classmates gnashing their teeth in envy or rage? But to date has not resulted in any visible improvement to your family’s financial situation?

Reason # 3:

The e-mail’s a link to YouTube, here.

And this is what it conjures up:

    Ateneo: the leafy quad, “The Men” hanging out on the benches leading to the cafeteria
    Manila in the late 70s
    Mike Hanopol and the Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society

All of this pre-Cory, pre-Erap, pre-Fidel. And you recall a time when Gloria Arroyo was just a very fresh graduate of the Assumption. Brocka still alive, he’d just made “Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag”, your son was not even the faintest glimmer in your eye, and the sight of the young Bembol Rocco was like a long draught of water after a walk through a desert — pardon the hoary cliché, dear blog readers — but this actor’s appearance in the movie was the debut to end all debuts, and you are pretty sure he looks horrible now (bald or fat or something) so you sincerely hope he never surfaces, so that you can keep the image of his young self in your mind forever.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Some Thoughts Following the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Self wants to know:

  • How could Matt Damon and xxxx assassin not have won for Best Fight? (Instead there were two young dudes in a movie nobody saw — some boxing movie)
  • And how, how could “Transformers” have won Best Movie– @#!??
  • And what happened to the collage of movie spoofs that used to open previous award shows?

On the plus side:

  • Self got to see Ed Norton (looking slightly stiff, slightly disconcerted, but still very dapper in a spiffy brown suit).
  • Self got to see Johnny Depp accept an award — twice!
  • Self got to thank her lucky stars that she was not Sarah Jessica Parker, who seems condemned to wearing ridiculous designer shoes (see: foot torture) for the rest of her life. Woman, would it really hurt your image so much to be seen in low-heeled shoes for a change?

Since Robert Downey, Jr.’s “Ironman” was honored with “Best Movie of the Summer So Far”, here’s a quote from The New Yorker review of said movie, which appeared in the May 5, 2008 issue:

In the past twenty years or so, Robert Downey, Jr. has gone through the following stages: a good young actor with a melancholy smile; a good young actor who was also a drug addict, jailbird, and insurance risk; and now, no longer young, an actor who may become the first genuine hipster star since Robert Mitchum and Marlon Brando.

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