Huf’n Puf, Huf’n Puf

Tomorrow self and hubby are wending their way south, to San Luis Obispo, there to grace sole fruit of our loins with our munificent presence (Sincerely hope son’s in the mood, not cranky because his RA job required him to get up in the middle of the night and bring a freshman to the emergency room at 2 a.m., as happened last weekend). In preparation for trip, self ran around the whole day like a madwoman, watering plants and staking back roses and buying plant supports from Wegman’s and now, at 9 p.m., her arms are covered with long, red scratches (Better wear a long-sleeved shirt tomorrow!).

Then, self remembered that a friend of Zack’s was going to Tel Aviv and had asked if he could interview the employees at self’s brother’s company. So self tried (for the third time this week) to reach said brother (not Yoo-Hoo, another one), but she kept missing him. One day, she called at 9 a.m. Manila time, and he had just left for the office. So, the next day, she called at 8 a.m., and she had again just missed him. Today, self missed him again so she ended up calling Dearest Mum, at which point Dearest Mum informed self that Dear Bro YH was moving out of his Ecology unit, and if there was no one there with her (Dearest Mum has the unit a few doors down), she would sell both units.

“Ah, ah,” self found herself stammering, “Ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I mean, everyone is under stress this year, because of Ying you know, and even I had to miss classes and was running around like a chicken without a head when I got back, and that was pretty stressful let me tell you, and maybe we should put off making all decisions — most especially anything involving real estate — until next year, when we are all calm–”

“It’s too late,” Dearest Mum said. “I already called an agent.”


At which point self thought the following:

    Thank God Stella K had the wherewithal to reserve that hotel room in the Makati Renaissance Hotel for when self goes home to attend Stella’s exhibit opening in January.
    And, where will self stay from now on, if she visits Manila? Self means, in future years, not just in January 09? She surely won’t have to stay with one of her Dear Bros??? Time to call Maitoni, Dear Cuz in Virginia! Then, self remembers that Dear Cuz has been given the go-ahead by her husband to start building a house in Dasmariñas. Oh, what a relief! Thank God for Dear Cuz!

And now, self has to hot-foot it to San Francisco Airport to pick up rental car, for as loyal readers of this blog well know, both self’s and hubby’s cars are real clunkers, almost ready for the junk heap (Self was sorely tempted, when her car was towed a few days ago, to lie and tell the insurance company it had been stolen. But, self cannot tell a lie! She’s like that stupid Linda at the end of Lorraine Adams’ Harbor, the woman who wore a wire and kept talking to the agent who was talking in her ear, instead of conducting nonchalant conversation with terrorist suspect)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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