Everything is Hilarious/ Alka/ The Chattahoochee Review

This morning, dear blog readers, self is in such a strange mood that she finds everything hilarious.

She’s looking at an old issue of The New Yorker, and every time she flips a page she finds a new cartoon that sets her off. Self intuits that dear blog readers will find the captions pretty funny, even without the accompanying illustrations. So here they are, the list of captions self finds self-splittingly hilarious, while perusing The New Yorker of 26 June 2006 (Did self ever mention that she was the mother of all pack rats? If you didn’t know this before, dear blog readers, you know it now):

    “If you’re happy and you know it, stick with your dosage.”
    “I’ll take care of it impersonally.”
    “You’re the one who wanted a boyfriend — you play with him.”
    “I’m sorry, have you been grimacing long?”

* * * *

In other news, good friend Alka Raghuram has just returned from the Tribeca Film Festival, where her screenplay “The Conqueror,” about a blood feud between two villages which brings tragedy to a young boy’s family, received the L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth award, which is given annually to a female writer/ director participating in the Emerging Narrative section of the Tribeca All Access Film Festival. Go, Alka, go!

* * *

And, in yet other other news, the spring issue of the The Chattahoochee Review is a special issue devoted to five Emerging Writers. These are the five:

    Alethea Black
    Anne Stameshkin
    Yvonne A. Jackson
    Murzban Shroff
    Yours truly!!!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

32 Years of Calyx

Margarita Donnelly told self she would be retiring next year.

Self can hardly believe it.

For, dear blog readers, this is the woman who made self a writer.

Doreen Fernandez started self on the path. Then, John L’Heureux stoked the fire. Margarita Donnelly found self when the fire was flickering. (Marilyn Chin helped, too, as dear blog readers well know — how fortuitous that Marilyn paid a visit to self just when the first Asian American women’s anthology was being put together by Calyx!) It was Margarita that made sure that the fire would stick. Self will never forget when Margarita came up to her and asked (Self had just finished reading her short story, “Ginseng” in a bookstore in the City), “Do you have other stories like that?” And just like that, a book came to be.

Calyx has published M. Evelina Galang (Her fab story, “Her Wild American Self”)

They published self’s Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila (which was simultaneously published in Manila by the Ateneo’s Office of Research & Publications and went on to be a finalist for the Philippines’ National Book Award)

They published Going Home to a Landscape: Writings by Filipinas.

They published The Forbidden Stitch, the first Asian American women’s anthology.

They published A Line of Cutting Women and A Fierce Brightness: Twenty-Five Years of Women’s Poetry (which are great texts, especially for self’s “Women Writers” courses).

Here are some amazing facts about Calyx:

    In the 32 years of its existence, the editors have read the work of over 100,000 women and selected more than 3,600 authors and artists for its books and journals.
    Their publications have reached over half-a-million readers.
    It has survived because of a tireless band of volunteer editors, supporters, and students whose sacrifices have ensured that the world knows of such women as Kathleen Alcala, Chitra Divakaruni, Jean Heglund, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Charlotte Watson Sherman.

As with gasoline and food prices, publishing and distribution costs have risen: Printing each issue now costs $6,000. Even a small increase in postage rates (today saw yet another increase) impacts a small press greatly. The costs of shipping non-profit mail went up over 100% last year. And the cost of paper continues to rise, as have all the other costs involved in running a small independent press, such as health insurance for Calyx’s small staff.

Imagine a world without Calyx or its brave women. What a terrible world that would be.

Calyx is a 501 C (3) — all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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