On TV: Law & Order: CI (not the Vincent D’Onofrio team, the other one)

Female Partner: Where is your husband?

Rich Woman in Evening Gown: He’s doing what he always does. Writing.

(Self: ha ha ha ha ha)

Chris Noth: We need to speak to him.

Rich Woman in Evening Gown: You can’t. He’s writing a series of short stories about the desolate and forlorn.

(Self again: ha ha ha ha ha)

* * * *

For your edification, dear blog readers: fascinating photo captions from the April 21, 2008 issue of The New Yorker:

    On p. 110: Eleven billion elevator trips are made each year in New York. Otis Elevator estimates that it transports the equivalent of the world’s population every five days.
    On p. 97: SHOWCASE “Family Tree” (2000) by Zhang Huan. The artist asked three calligraphers to write on his face for one day.

Stay tuned.

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