Self Watches a Movie

Self met niece at her Stanford dorm, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and in the course of an afternoon and evening spent having lunch, watching a movie, and eating gelato with her in downtown Palo Alto, self found out the following:

    Niece had a front-page article in The Stanford Daily, an article about Stanford opening a new center in Madrid (“But there was a typo in the headline, Tita, it was pretty embarrassing.”)
    Niece’s boyfriend, S, who’s from Orange County but whose parents are from Jamaica or some such, likes listening to radio station 100.7 (“a Latin salsa station?”)
    Niece has decided not to do an honor’s thesis (“It’s too stressful; and besides, staying in a party dorm makes it hard.”)

As self always does whenever she is with niece, she called son. It was 1:30 PM and he sounded very close-mouthed. “Perhaps he just woke up,” niece offered.

Self and niece watched “The Counterfeiters.” What self loves so much about watching foreign movies is that she gets to see actors who she’s never seen before, and thus doesn’t have any previous roles to associate them with. And so, she really enjoys looking at their faces. And the guy who played the lead (with improbable name “Sally” Sorowitsch) was very good. With demeanor self adjudged to be appropriately Kafka-esque: hunched shoulders, gloomy mien, etc. But the supporting actors were very good, too: in particular the two baby-faced German officers, and a camp inmate named Burger who self sincerely wished would not get to indulge a problematic martyr complex. There were two parts of the movie when self had to close her eyes: one was when the (male) camp inmates were doing the “Can-Can” at an SS-organized entertainment called “Carnival Night.” Another was when young Russian inmate was told to kneel down before beefy German officer.

Self always enjoys these outings with niece, but they cost, too. At the end of the day, she’d spent $90. And, out of some kind of residual guilt (at not “being there” for him — he is such a resourceful person she never worries), she wrote out a check afterwards for son and mailed it before she could have second thoughts.

And by the time self got home, she saw that hubby was already home. And, while hubby walked the dogs, self heated up a dinner of leftovers: potato salad and sauteed salmon.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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