Signs of Summer I: CalShakes 2008 Season

In self’s “In” box today, an announcement of the Cal Shakes 2008 season.

Self gets pretty excited whenever she sees the announcement of the new plays.  She tries to go at least once each season.  Now, she can’t envision experiencing Shakespeare any other way than out in the open, in hot summer sun (and getting sooo tanned after just a few hours exposure), after a picnic in the Berkeley hills. 

She and hubby took son when he was a sophomore at Sacred Heart.  The play they saw was “Romeo and Juliet.”  A few years later, they took son again, and this time he invited a friend, Aubert.  The play they saw was a magnificently acted conflation of “Henry IV” and “Henry V.”  Last year, son invited two more friends, and by this time it was a pretty tight fit in the back of self’s old Altima.  But everyone had a fine time.  The play was “Richard III.” (For more on this, please see post “Brain Cloud, Saturday, 23 June 07)

So, dear blog readers, here are the list of plays for the upcoming season.  Summer is just around the corner, hurrah!

By William Shakespeare
May 28 – June 22
Acclaimed Minneapolis-based Director Joel Sass makes his directorial debut with this wild fairy tale.

By Oscar Wilde
Directed by Jonathan Moscone
July 2- 27
Calshakes Artistic Director Jonathan Moscone, fresh from his acclaimed production of Man and Superman, directs Wilde’s timely comedy.

By Anton Chekhov
August 6 – 31
Marks both Chekhov’s long-awaited return to our stage, and the CalShakes directorial debut of San Jose Rep Artistic Director Timothy Near.

By William Shakespeare
September 10 – October 5
Director Mark Rucker (Richard III, Romeo and Juliet) returns to direct.



4 responses to “Signs of Summer I: CalShakes 2008 Season”

  1. Hello again from the asylum on the Mediteranian. Just to let you know that I have been reading and enjoying your daily musings from the other side of the planet.
    Everything in Tel Aviv is as you left it except insufferably hotter. Oh, and Jimmy Carter is here stirring up trouble.
    Is your sister-in-law still here? How is she faring?
    I have been promoting your blog and writings to various literary inclined customers, hope you don’t mind. Yosef


  2. Ahh, Yosef, it is good to hear from you. You and my young friend from “The Brunch” on Gordon Street are my most enduring personalities from Tel Aviv. I still have to send you my book, I just got a stash of copies and will send it shortly!

    I heard Jimmy Carter offered to be a go-between with Hamas. Yes, that certainly caught my interest.

    It is hotter? Guess I left just in time. It was hot here, too, except this evening it is FREEZING.

    My sister-in-law will be there for the rest of the year, the doctors think. She is amazing, e-mails me a couple of times a week and sounds so normal (Even when I was there, she looked so “normal” — bald, but normal)

    Stay in touch!


  3. Actually I would like to order your book through the accepted channels. I want to raise your status at Amazon. I know that authors are “granted” precious few copies of their works by the publishers and then they must swallow their pride and buy them from bums like me.


  4. Aaaah, you’re not a bum! You are contributing to the intellectual life of Tel Aviv! Besides, you gave me that free book tote that I have been flashing all over the San Francisco Bay Area 🙂


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