The Day Before Self’s Departure

Self is stuffed!

First was the lunch in Pasta Moon with cuz Maitoni, nephew Enrique, Maitoni’s cousin (on her mother’s side) Leah, and Leah’s baby daughter, Alyssa Rose. The day was bee-yoo-ti-ful (if a little chilly). Self thinks that Enrique’s dish was the most interesting: porcini mushrooms with papardelle. Enrique declared how he really loved mushrooms. Self asked him which were his favorite mushrooms and he named those exceedingly big mushrooms which you can fry like steaks — what are they called? Portobellos?

Leah had eggplant parmigiana, while self and Maitoni shared a seafood pasta dish and a beet salad (both good).

Then, self took all to her favorite store on Half Moon Bay’s Main Street, Half to Have It, where cousin bought a three-foot long quill feather for her daughter, a student at U of Penn. Cousin was looking everywhere for an egg cracker, or whatever you call that French implement that perfectly slices the tops off hard-boiled eggs, but instead ended up buying one of those newfangled flexible plastic steamers that are so popular because they will not scratch Calphalon pans. And then self bought an Epicurean Cutting Board to replace her old one that is cracked ($24.99). Then, we all wended on back to Redwood City.

Self and cuz left Enrique in the house to watch basketball games, and we wended off to San Carlos, where self showed cuz The Chef Shop on Laurel Street and cousin gazed admiringly at the huge Viking stoves. Then self showed cousin her favorite clothing store (Claire de Lune — closed, boo) and her favorite pastry place (Chocolate Mousse, but cousin said that one of her sacrifices for Lent was to forego all sweets).

Then, we picked up niece G from her dorm at 1115 Campus Drive East, aka The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and niece was wearing the cutest green patent leather ballerina slippers and the cutest plaid coat. Then, we all met up with hubby and had dinner at fave local restaurant New Kapadokia. And there was a camera crew filming inside. And a sign by the door of the restaurant warned that this evening, there would be a television crew filming, so any customers who still elected to eat at the restaurant were in effect providing their consent to being filmed. And all of us agreed that we all wanted that. To be filmed, that is.

So we went inside and made a complete spectacle of ourselves (as only Filipinos know how to do). That is, we talked very loudly and gaily, and pretty soon the cameras were ignoring the other tables and were zooming in on all our faces. Well, not all our faces, exactly: on Maitoni’s and Georgina’s faces. And Enrique then chose to engage self in very earnest discussion of self’s latest book. And self thought it was so sweet, the way he kept insisting (in a very loud voice) that self give him the title of her book. And he declared it to be “absolutely the best love story since Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” (ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

And then afterwards, the manager of the restaurant informed us that we would all be coming out on TV — on a show on KQED called “Check, Please,” that airs on Thursday evenings. And we were all very excited.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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